GM “EF-118”

“EF-188”mechanicus research station
Habitat: Mechanicus research station
Description: Arcology
Population: 220
Cultural specialities:
-Adeptus Mechanicus 20
-Skritarii 200
-Servitor crew  500,000

Founded by explorator fleet of famous Paracelsus Thule almost 500 years ago. Strabolus was a lowly, just initiated, artesan but he met formidable Paracelsus when he gave research parameters for research station.
Development and studies of station were hindered by electromagnetic distortion that made perceiving over far distances and navigating near impossible.

Innovations of Specialist Gödel enables Enginseer Strabolus to fully explore the planet. First expedition 818.M41 is successful with minor losses of Scitarii and several resources located. Second expedition 820.M41 is conducted to several locations to gain valuable data to fully understand the past of the planet. Several Archeotech resources are located but Srabolus becomes hijacked by ancient artificial intelligence known as the Skulking City.

821.M41 eruptions of the sun engulf the planet making contact to solar system impossible. However the nano-crystal formations protect the planet from the sun as extinct Xeno race deviced milleania ago.

Notable characters:
Enginseer Sprabolus, Hyper-rationalist of Ordo Logi
-Zealot of Thule sect,
-Considers whole Gravis Minor as a temple of the Machine God.
-Has personally spoken with Omnissiah on planet surface.
Perdiolus Biocogitatus, Imperial interaction specialist.
-Stations specialist for human interaction.
-Has mask that imitates expressions of human emotions. Usually with wrong emotional context.
101, Scritarii commander

1064, Scitarii officer who witnessed the revelation of Gödel’s constant 818,M41.
GRG-19, Malfunctioning servitor, spoke machine for cybernetic superiority

Speed: – Manoeuvrability: –  Detection:
ArmourVoid ShieldsHull Integrity:
Space: PowerTurret Rating:
Weapon Capacity:

Core output: +100 – Usage 57 = +43 reserve
Space used: 53

Essential components:
Tectonic core Pow: +100 Space: 20, Military configuration (High peak resistance, fast re-routing)
Castellan void shield array Pow: 7 Space: 2
Geller field Pow: 1 Space: 0
Vitae Pattern Life sustainer Pow: 5 Space: 3
Pressed Crew Compartments Pow: 2 Space: 3
Explorator HQ Pow: 4 Space: 2
Deep void auger arrays Pow: 7 Space: 0

Suplemental components:
Teleskopein Shrine Pow: 2 Space: 1
Munitorium Pow: 3 Space: 4
Trophy room Pow: 1 Space: 1
-Collection of Silicasaurian robot hulls and their components and deposit nests.
Satellite bay

Upgrades: Atomics, Servitor crew,

Fortis Pattern Torpedo tubes Pow: 2 Space: 8
Sunhammer lance battery Pow: 13 Space: 6
Hecutor Pattern Plasma battery Pow: 8 Space: 3