GM Disciples of Thule

General Knowledge

The Disciples of Thule was a radical faction within the Adeptus Mechanicus which was quite influential within the Calixis Sector. Its name came from the famous Archmagos known as Paracelsus Thule, and the group that followed his teachings on the acquisition of knowledge at all cost. They originate from the century-long Explorator missions conducted by Thule into the very edges of the Imperium territory. During such times, he had many students in the form of Adepts and Magos which served underneath him. These students later departed upon their return to known space and in turn imparted Thule’s teachings to their own followers.

Thule’s teachings emphasized the importance of finding and retrieving relics that predated Imperial human technology that dated back from the days of Mankind’s glorious past. This single-minded goal is seen to be of such paramount concern that it overrides any concept of risk. As such, the focus on this analysis of knowledge means that they are more concerned with cogitation than with physical confrontation. Many Tech-priests belonging to the Disciples of Thule often fail to recognize something right in front of them.

Their traits make them attractive recruits for an Inquisitorial retinue, though their curiosity is its own source of danger.

Notable members at the system: Enginseer Strabolus, Homo Legatus Perdiolus, Rune-priest Morcutor

Allies: Genetor Magos Dominus Specialist Gödel

Strongholds: Research station EF-118