Malleus Hereticum Ultima Tectum


Individuals to be executed immediately at sight

Individuals to be publicly executed

Individuals to be publicly sentenced

-Vladir, Prison warder, squandering of Imperial resources. PC-5728, Nothus.
-Quintus, Xeno Legatus, dealing with xenos, Scutum, Peniteus Balteus.
-Pandarus, Scholar Adminstratum, dealing with xenos, Scutum, Peniteus Balteus.

Individuals to be investigated further

-Surviving HLF activists arrested in Freedom Cafe raid. Incarcerated at Canor Sol, Nimbus Extern. LIFESENTENCE
-Extremely high suicide rates among space station population at Avaritas.
-“Adonis”, HLF leader, location unknown.
-Boltazar, Trade advisor of Chorda dynasty, Avaritas, Peniteus Balteus INTERROGATED
-Hyper-rationalist Strabolus, Mechanicum Enginseer, EF-118, Gravis Minor
-Specialist Gödel, Genetor Mechanicum, At side.
-Astropath Martün Underberg, At side.
-Jotak Half-Blood, drugged awakened unsanctioned human psyker child, at Collegio Magnitudo at Semis.

Cults, conspiracies and heresies of Ultima Tectum

-The Void Union, revisionist conspiracy, Peniteus Balteus. UNDER INVESTIGATION
-Stryxis, Captain Ung’Tix, star vessel frequently visiting orbits of Gravis Major and Peniteus Balteus. UNDER INVESTIGATION
-Insane surgeon twins working towards occult ritual, Avaritas, Peniteus Balteus EXTERMINATED
-Heretical Mechanicum, lead by hyper-rationalist Strabolus, harboring forbidden Silica Animus. Gravis Minor, UNDER INVESTIGATION
-Festival of native population excising in use of imperially uncontrolled substance (Usharillo), 100.000 suspects. Gravis Major UNDER INVESTIGATION
-Widespread use of imperially uncontrolled substance (Usharillo) among colony population. Gravis Major UNDER INVESTIGATION
-HLF shuttle activity. Gravis Major DECIMATED
-Assassination attempt of Commander Elmeh by unknown, Vallum, UNDER INVESTIGATION
-Shuttle activity and unregistered airfield Irae, UNDER INVESTIGATION
-Syndicate operations at Ultima Tectum system, UNDER INVESTIGATION
-One unsanctioned psyker of Huwan Eagle tribe. UNDER SIEGE
-Finanancing of Gravis Major refugee camps, outsourced to Administratum, WAITING RESULTS

Passed sentences:

-Field execution of warp-witch Miriah. “Stepping stone of saints” merchant transport.
-Burning of unknown heretical texts collected from Freedom Cafe. Canor Sol, Nimbus Extern
-Incarceration of HLF saboteurs for further interrogation. Canor Sol, Nimbus Extern.
-Sentences Louis of Grand Falls to two year work camp service for consuming Imperially uncontrolled substance (Usharillo). Canor Sol, Nimbus Extern
-Summary purge of unsanctioned Pugia habitat. Nimbus Extern
-Field execution of malefic scholar Radulf, Prophet of Alkaline springs. PC-5728, Nothus
-Field execution of twin cultist surgeons Yves and Xavier. Avaritas space station, Peniteus Balteus
Quarantine of Medbay-5 during investigations. Avaritas space station, Peniteus Balteus.
-Public chastisement of Jotak, half-blood youngster. Bastion of Drusus, Gravis Major
-Field execution of HLF activists, opposing arrest and smuggling heretical books. County of Grand Falls, Gravis Major
-Burning of collection of heretical text, “Discourse on the Origin and Basis of Inequality Among Men., County of Grand Falls, Gravis Major
-Destruction of HLF heretical printing press, County of Grand Falls, Gravis Major
-Destruction of HLF indoctrination camp, High Lands, Gravis Major
-Confiscation of kite of Maximus of Grand Falls, Imperial Friendship Bridge, Gravis Major
-Burning of collection of heretical pamphlets, “The Natural Remedyes”, Imperial Friendship Bridge, Gravis Major
-Orbital blockade of the planet by Imperial Navy, 6 months, Gravis Major
-Execution of native renegade psyker, Gravis Major
-Execution of gang members trying to assassinate Judge Mordechai, Sphaera Imperator
-Chastisement of Alfmed for getting influenced by heretical cult, Canor Sol
-Execution of leader of heretical cult, Canor Sol
-System wide order: To execute one child of any twin birth, Sphaera Imperator.
-System wide order: Prohibition of sale of XY-zygote fertility medicine, Sphaera Imperator
Confiscation of shipment of alkaline water disguised as holy water, Canor Sol
Execution of newly born twin to protect the soul of remaining child.
Execution of multitude of clones of Yves and Xavier, twin surgeons, Avaritas
-Order to naval frigate “Furious Purpose” for obliteration of shuttles shipping ruinous medicine out of shadowblind bays, Avaritas.
-Order for execution of mutant heretic (work with xenos) population at “Pugia” habitat.
-Pyre of forged Imperial standard ration coupons at “Pugia” habitat.
-Dismantling and obliteration of “Pugia” habitat with xeno core and xeno/heretek components inside at Nimbus Extern.
-Fining baroness Isolte for 15 Tax factory for 20 Tithe factory evasion from ecclesiarchy at Manor-Fortress of Grand Falls.
-Extinguish native insurgency with Imperial bomber wing at Gravis major.
-Field execution of warp witch Ranulf at Sober Lumberjack, Gravis Major
-Mass execution of customers of Sober Lumberjack for participating cult activity, Gravis Major.
-Imperial taxation of Baroness Isolte, Grand Falls, GUILTY, -15 Tax Factory fine
-Four unsanctioned psykers of Huwan Eagle tribe, EXTERMINATED
-Native insurrection against Imperial colony, Grand Falls, Gravis Major, GENOCIDE
-Freedom Cafe is active at Canor Sol. TERMINATED
-HLF activists at Canor Sol, Gravis Major. UNDER INCARCERATION
-HLF activist training camp at wilderness, Gravis Major. DESTROYED
-Mutant infestation at Pugia habitat, Nimbus Extern. EXTERMINATED
-Heretical alkaline health cult at PC-5728, Nothus. DESTROYED
-Ranulf, Prophet of Alkaline spring, BANISHED TO THE WARP
-Clones of Yves and Xavier, heretical twin surgeons, BANISHED TO THE WARP
-“Master Nytram”, who Radulf  and Vile Xeno Psyker were calling before their field executions, location unknown. DESTROYED

Authorities of Imperial Law at Koronus Expanse

Judge Gregory of High Court, Sepheris Secundus system, Calixis Sector
Judge Vilaea of High Court, Fenksworld system, Calixis Sector
Judge Badenore of High Court, Malfi system, Calixis Sector
Lord Marshal Goreman, Scintilla system, Calixis Sector

Lord Existimator Efresie, Segmentum Obscurus, Terra
Lagatus Legalis Obron, Segmentum Obscurus legal envoy, Terra

The Grand Provost Marshal, Terra