Report of Astropath Martün 820.M41


“Complete report to Judge Mordechai”  by Astropath primus Martün Underberg

-Slaanesh psychic source has arrived to the system. Strategic note: Do not let Cathedral of Immaculate Truth to fall in the hands of a ruinous powers.

-The beacon created by the Huwan rogue psykers at Gravis Major is summoning the eldar.

-Inquisitor Orlov is aware of same Star-child prophesies as Martün and tries to exploit them toward her ends.

-Martün has been missing contact to major psychic influence at the system. Leads: Blessed statue of the Emperor at Celos and mysterious no-flight zone at Nimbus Extern.

-Psychic echoes of xenos have started to emit from Scutum.

-Reference to unsolved and unknown psychic influence at Ultima Tectum Report of Astropathic choirs

Childhood memories:

Idiomus: (7 years old) Whipping failing young Martün for better psychic performance.  After failing Star-child test repeatedly Martün is shipped to Black Fleet to fuel Imperium endless need of expendable psykers.

Inquisitor Auror Orlov:  (5 years old) Indoctrinating young Martün with psychic powers to break his will.

The ritual sacrifice: (4 years old) When awakening to psychic powers, murder of own parents to prevent Orlov making more Star-childs and using that power for a hiding power to mirror-half from the Warp Awakening of Nytram.

A ritual strangling: (7. week of pregnancy: Suffocation of the twin brother with umbilical cord at the womb to prevent him ending in hands of Orlov and to create safe pocket of power (the seed of Nytram) into the Warp.

First premonition (3. week of pregnancy): How to escape from destiny of being used against Emperor predicted and machinated by Inquisitor Aurora Orlov.

Hunt of the nemesis

Martün has been hunting down his personal nemesis Nytram for all his life and aiming to reclaim back his psychic powers Martün had hidden from Inquisitor Orlov.

Operations left behind by minions of Nytram:

Asteroid hideout of Yves and Xavier at Penitus Balteus asteroid belt.

Populations contaminated by medicines of Yves and Xavier (High psychic awakening rate.): Gravis Major, Avaritas, Scutum, Sphaera Imperator, Nothus, Canor Sol, Celos.

Habitats contaminated by potions of Ranulf (High mutation rate): Gravis Major, Avaritas, Nothus, Canor Sol, Pauperpolis.