GM Gravis Minor


Class: Rockplanet
Size: Small
Gravity: Standard Atmosphere: Terran
Anomalies: Permanent nanocrystal haze, archaotech


Habitable planet with anomaly atmosphere infested by programmed alien nanocrystals and techno-barbarians from the repressed past of Terra.



mechanicus research stationHabitat: Mechanicus research station
Description: Arcology
Population: 220
Cultural specialities:
-Adeptus Mechanicus 20
-Skritarii 200
-Servitor crew

Notable characters:
Enginseer Sprabolus, Hyper-rationalist of Ordo Logi
-zealot of Thule sect,
– Considers whole Gravis Minor as a temple of the Machine God.
-Has personally spoken with Omnissiah on planet surface.

Perdiolus Biocogitatus, Imperial interaction specialist.
-Stations specialist for human interaction.
-Has mask that imitates human emotions.

101, Scritarii commander

GRG-19, Malfunctioning servitor, spoke machine for cybernetic superiority

Mechanicus expedition at Gravis Minor


  • Crash site of ancient battleship (gives access to damaged archeotech components), Available data: Satellite has been able to spot the crashed hull of pre-imperial cruiser.
  • mountain of Tastuu tribe (Gives access to power armoured tech assassins), Available data: Satellite has been able to spot active archeotech vault beneath a mountain.
  • Alien nanocontrol center (gives control to xenocrystals and orbit speed of Gravis Minor, Available data: Satellite has been able to spot energy anomaly of non-imperial radiation signatures.
  • Valley of tecnosaurians (gives acces to taming of technosaurians), Available data: Satellite has been ableto spot mysterious tech-monolith in midddle of plaateu of fallen technosaurians
  • Dilapidated HQ of dead Abominable Intelligence (gives control to planet wide giant mechadendrites), Available data: Satellite has been able to spot ruins of STC fortress.
  • Hunt of Skulking City (gives control to automated HQ of dead abominable intelligence. Available data: Satellite has been able to spot habitat size mechanical construct that roams across a surface of the planet

Strabolus, Perdiolus and Gödel each form an independent expedition.

Strabolus heads to Skulking City if not convinced otherwise.


Forest of ancient mechadendrites

-Pilgrim site of Tech-Priests of the EF-118.
-As Angels used mass manipulation fields and nanotechnology to create weapons to fight each other, the ground is fused with masses of half formed and fractured mechadendrites, optic cables, cogitator units, energy storages and tech traps. -Dilapidated mechadendrites of small to gargantuan size “growing” from and around surface of the planet.
-Forests of tangled masses of mechadendrites strangling each other.


Labyrinth of the Great Mask

Non-imperial habitats: Fallout shelter 7 aka Labyrinth of the Great Mask
Description: Deeply embedded in bedrock of the planet great fallout shelter from dark age of technology keeps inside it’s inheritors and their secrets.
Population: 3000
Cultural specialties:
-Tech savants
-Robotic servitors
-Master robot hunters

The Great Mask, parasitic cybernetic organism leading masked tribes


Skulking city

Non-imperial habitat: Machine city of ANGELs
Description: Ancient grand cruiser from the dark age of technology that crash landed to surface of the planet. Refitted by ANGELS autonomous servants to moving citadel of arcane and forbidden technological secrets.
Population: 0
Cultural specialities:

– It is the Skulking City’s ancient life support system powered by black hole generator that generates Terran atmosphere to the entire planet. If the Skulking City is destroyed human life cannot survive on the planet outside of habitats.
-If player characters fuck up with black hole generator there is good chance of imploding whole Gravis Minor.

Notable characters
Star fighter 17, Imprisoned Unstable dedicated Abominable Intelligence with paranoia and hatred: humans.


Tastuu tribe of Gravis Minor

Masked tribe culture

Incubated from carefully sampled and engineered genetic material.
Each member of their lineage is Blank. Originally they were developed by ANGEL 1 to become it’s servants as their psychic null effect protected the AI from distortion of code caused by thinning of the veil of warp.
As ANGEL 1 and ANGEL 2 were fighting over the control of the throne of cruiser the ANGEL 1 created ancestors of the masked tribes as an autonomous stealth saboteurs who could penetrate defenses of Skulking city and destroy ANGEL 2.
Even when ANGEL 2 was able to destroy it’s rival it could not detect or stop infiltrators of blank humans and they successfully destroy datavault containing core programming of ANGEL 2.
None of the first infiltrators of Tactical assault squad-1 return but half of the troops had remained in reserve as Tactical assault squad-2, if initial attack fails. As centuries march forward the masked tribes evolve along the other autonomous units left over after the fall of ANGELs.
They are still led by cyborg mechanism responsible on training their people to be effective AI saboteurs when ANGEL 1 needs them again.

They still rigorously train for infiltration and sabotage behind enemy lines and their courage,  dedication and resilience

Each member of Tastuu tribe when incubated is fully infused with dark age of technology nanomachines: autosanguine, protosanguine?, immunity to drugs, resistance to vacuum, electricity, radiation, corruption, regeneration,

They are also sterile and cannot continue as society without use of incubation halls and genetic engineering facility.

There is no gender difference in names of the tribe. Each one is named by letter of Greek alphabet and number, IE Gamma-18 or Epsilon -1.

Hunting rituals of Masked tribe society

To be acknowledged as adult and worthy of receiving baby from incubation halls one must slay silica saurus in single combat. From the slayed frame of silica saurus the hunter removes it sensory mechanisms and facial armor to create the mask of hunter for personal use. Mask of hunter enables summoning and riding the same type of silicasaurus as the mask they wear.

To be able to build your own Dorkey (domesticated silica saurus, dog/turkey analoque)  to help you scout gives right for leading the hunt. If there is competition between possible hunt leader, their Dorkeys fight duel while other members of tribe bet on outcome in celebratory fashion.

To become worthy of fusion with the great mask contestant for leadership must be acknowledged hunt leader and lead hunt that is able to slay one of the Devourer’s swarming around the Skulking city.

-White code generator field keeps the Devourer’s and the Skulking city away.
-Portable white code generators (heavy weapon) are used for hunting silica saurian.
-Members of the masked tribe use silica saurus masks and their tachyon sensors to see through the Haze of Nanocrystals
-Silica saurus cogitator talisman to mask as silica saurus.
-Cultural ability to turn any imperial or archaotech battery or power generatorto potent explosive.

Techno evolution of Gravis Minor

Haze of Nanocrystals
-Programmed self-replicating crystals
-Planted by warp wise xenos race native to system in the peak of their culture.
-Protect planet from solar storms and divide suns energy evenly to atmosphere of non-rotating planet.
-Cause all sensor equipment to fail drastically, except tachyon emitter based sensors developed by silica saurian evolution.

ANcillary Guardian of Environment and Life
-Pair of artificial intelligence’s developed by Hegemony of Terra during golden age of technology.
-Their calculation power made warp travel possible before rise of Navigators.
-AI pair’s ability to program each other and vulnerability to psychic residue of human minds made them twisted shadows of their original programming.

ANGELs 1 and 2 in their hubris fought in heaven for control of the throne and were banished to surface of Gravis Minor.

Humans were recruited&hatched by loosing ANGEL and his human servants were able to destroy angel controlling the throne of ANGELs at the Skulking city.

“When I was around 10 years old I heard from the public radio an audio drama “Earthsearch” that game me nightmares. Too hectic kid to be around radio once a week at same time, I missed part of the episodes and I had to imagine what happened between. Part of this campaign is based on terrors and ideas raised by this memorable experience.”


Silicasaurian taxonomies

During battle of dominance ANGEL 1 and ANGEL 2 launches all possible weapons of dark age of technology to each other. As battle was fought also on vox, sending scrapcode to air part of the units had to be completely autonomous in fight against enemy and for resources. Even after both AIs had collapsed their autonomous units kept on adjusting and developed systems of co-dependence.


-Original purpose: Energy thief/collector
-Energy harvester, produces power cells.

-Pair of pincers with ability to collect charged nanocrystals from air or drain energy directly from  power source.
-Parasitizes mainly megalobots and carnimatons but looks after any power source to drain.

WS  BS   S    T   Ag  Int  Per  Fel
40     –     36  36  80   56   40      –

Movement: 4/8/12/24   Wounds: 6  TB: 3 Armour: 6
Skills: Awareness (Per), Ciphers (Int), Tracking +10 (Int), Speak Noosphere, Dodge +20, Navigation (Int), Secret tongue (Cant mechanicus)
Talents: Binary chatter, Crawler, Hard target,
Traits: Machine, Tachyon sensors
Weapon:  Shock pincer 1d10+3 E Pen:6 Shocking, Haywire


Original purpose: Autonumous mine layer
-Small to huge
-Gathers Chromatics, components deposits and raw material deposits.
-Lays cubes of unhatched technosaurians of different variations.
-Winged, has field generator but uses wings to manouvre.

WS   BS    S    T    Ag   Int  Per  WP   Fel
36       –     30  30   45    16    44    30      –

Movement: 4/8/12/24    Wounds: 9    Armour: None (Powerfield)   TB: 3
Skills: Awarenes +10, (Per)
Talents: Binary chatter, Hard target, Stealthy
Traits: Flyer (ABx2), Machine, Tachyon sensors
Weapons: Mine layer Blast (3), 2d10 E, Pen 3,


Original purpose: Bot destroyer
-Small to huge
-Eats broken technosaurians,

-Teeth of adamantium, high penetration
-Recycler of components by making component deposits

WS   BS    S    T    Ag   Int  Per  WP   Fel
48       –     45   40  40    36    40    45      –

Movement: 4/8/12/24    Wounds 20   Armour: 10 TB: 4
Skills: Awareness (Per), Tracking (Int), Silent move,
Talents: Binary chatter, Swift attack, Brutal charge, Stealthy, Scrap code assault
Traits: Machine, Tachyon sensors

Weapon: Bite 1d10+8 R, Pen: 12, Tearing,


Original purpose: Siege engine
-Grows from small to gargantuan
-Burrow to ground in search of raw materials
-Powered by fusion reactor, resurface when overheating.
-Provider of raw material deposits in machine ecosystem.
-Plasma launcher from plasma pistol to plasma macrobattery demending of the size of the megalobot.

WS   BS    S     T    Ag   Int  Per  WP   Fel
—       38     40  45   25     26   30    40    —

Movement: 4/8/12/24   Wounds:34    Armour: 12   TB:4
Skills: Awareness (Per), Tacticae Imperialis (Int)
Talents: Binary chatter, Hard to kill
Traits: Quadruped, Sturdy

Weapon: From plasma pistol to plasma broadside battery depending of size of megalobot.

Veins of ANGELs
-As Angels used mass manipulation fields and nanotechnology to create weapons to fight each other the ground is fused with masses of half formed and fractured mechadendrites, optic cables, cogitator units, energy storages and tech traps. -Dilapidated mechadendrites of small to gargantuan size “growing” from and around surface of the planet.
-Forests of tangled masses of mechadendrites strangling each other.

-Occasionally surges of power make ancient mechadendrites move in random manner.

The Devourers
-Huge sized beetle analogue
-Resource hunters of skulking city
-Plasma torch mandibles and throats filled with grinding gears.

Skulking city
-Mechanical bastion of the throne of ANGELs,
-Collects and consumes resources gathered and deposited by silicasaurians.
-Anti matter reactor

-Keeps terraforming atmosphere to be suitable for human life. Only source of oxygen on planet and vital for keeping planet habitable for humans.

-Small to huge
-Consume chromatics and keep energy drains away from fallout shelters.
-Household pet silicasaurians build by hunters of masked clans for children to play with and young hunters to practise with.
-Carrier Mule-analogue
-Runner/Watcher Dorkey Turkey/dog analogue
-Warmer/battery layer Chicat: Cat/chicken analogue

ANGELs fought in heaven and were banished to surface of Gravis minor.
Genetically altered humans were incubated by loosing ANGEL and his human servants were able to damage ANGEL controlling star cruiser. As cruiser fell to the surface of planet it was transformed to autonomous fortress known as the Skulking city.

List of construct parts, for servitors and automatons

-Size: From small to gargantuan
-Type: Body analogue of the servitor snake, winged
-Movement: Tracks, legs, wings, slithering, burrowing


Power cell
-Gives energy for the bot.
-Power cell needs to be charged frequently.

Engine core,
-Gives energy for the servitor.
-Engine cores are fueled with disintegration of power cells.

-Gives motion to the frame of the servitor

Cybernetic link (MIU),
-connects brain to cogitator
-Frame size does not affect size of the cogitator.

Central neural cortex
Artificial brain of the construct
-Frame size does not affect size of the cortex.
-Used when living brain is not connected to the construct
-Only few different Central neural cortex STCs have survived from the forbidden past.

Cogitator interlink
-Cogitator controlling the construct without human brain or Central neural cortex controlling it is apostasy from the age of strife.
-Works as brain booster of the servitor connected to it.

Code inhibitor
-If construct does not have human brain integrated it is called automaton.
-Each Imperial Central neural cortex is instituted with code inhibitor.
-Code inhibitor makes automaton non-autonomous and actions depend on command wafers inserted by controller of automaton.

Field generator
-Device creating power fields that give protection and effector fields that enable flight.

Sensory array
-Gives auspex for a mechanism.
-Tachyon arrays are unique development of silica saurian evolution.

Domination array
-Enables the construct to remotely control other constructs.

-to communicate with other constructs and administrators.

Data chest,
-Acts as memory bank for the data collected by the construct.

Weapon depends on frame size
Small: From Digital up to pistol
Medium: Up to rifle
Huge: Up to heavy
Enormous: Siege weapons
Gargantuan: Lance weapons

Part sizes:
Small, fit for small frames
Medium, fit for medium frames
Huge, fit for huge to gargantuan forms

Quality of parts follows same guideline as quality

Upgrades of parts:
Archaotech Very rare
Exotic material Rare
Durable Scarce
Cooled Scarce
Overcharged Rare
Xenotech Rare
Heretek Abundant