Local attitude

Arbitrator Mordechai
Gravis Major, Respect 1 (Among Huwan tribes, baptized by ANGEL)
Gravis major, Fear 1 (Among Imperial citizens, Strangling blockade)
Penitus Balteus, Respect: 2 (Paragon of Creed)
Nimbus Extern, Fear: 1 (Purger of Pugia)
Imperial Navy, Respect: 2 (Executioner of Pugia)

Specialist Gödel
Gravis Minor, Respect: 3 (Gödel’s standard distortion algorithm)
Gravis Major, Respect: 2 (Among Huwan tribes, Invincible Fumigator)
Gravis Major, Respect: 1 (Among colonists, Perpetual Amputator)
Nimbus Extern, Respect: 1 (Emergency vivisectionist of Canor Sol)

Astropath Martün Underberg
Penitus Balteus, Respect: 2 (Paragon of Creed)
Gravis Major, Fear: 2 (Among Huwan desert tribe, Embodiment of Wrath of the true Emperor)
Gravis Major, Fear: 3 (Among colonists, Psychic beacon)

Effects of population attitude:

Each point of Respect = +1 to acquisition check, +1 to inquiry check, + 1to Fel ckecks
Each point of Fear = -1 to acquisition, +1 to interrogation, intimidate, +1 to WP vs WP checks
Respect and Fear cancel each other out
Orbital attitude maximum score is 3.

Faith designated:

Louis of Grandfalls, Gravis Major, (by Mordechai)
Gauss, Sphaera Imperator (by Gödel)
Snake tribe military commander, Sphaera Imperator (by Martün)

Designated faith burned:

Teresa Young, Sphaera Imperator (by Martün)

Brother-militant Makbae, Gravis Major (by Mordechai)

Acolyte Ecbert, Sphaera Imperator, (by Mordechai)

Designated faith to NPCs

Each player character has one point of faith that they can designate to chosen NPC on the system. Thus saving NPC once from deadly calamity.

When NPC burns the faith point it returns back to pool and can be assigned again to other NPC. Designated faith cannot be used again on same NPC.

This way Players can extend survival of NPCs that they consider assets for their character.