GM NPC Usindra

Mayor Usindra

Usindra, Mayor of the Bastion of Drusus.

-His forefather was the first Mayor of the colony hundred years ago.
-Like his father he is follower of rare sect of the Imperial Creed Polyinseminaors, whose creed dictates that blessings of the Emperor are bestowed in same multitude as your fathering of a imperial citizens.
-Uses his dog as a bait and drugs lured women with a memory inhibitor and injects them with an arcane syringe apparatus loaded with his semen.
-Great colonial visionary and useful puppet for Isolte of Grand Falls.
“As soon as the power output of the habitat core is doubled, we all will have abundance at our colony.”


Great insemination work. Endangers population by increasing mutations caused by interbreeding.

Takes investments from Isolte of Grand Falls to enable the survival of the colony.


Hides successfully in a fallout shelter during native insurgency and siege at Gravis Major.

Becomes Mayor of hive city as refugees are populating hive towers.

Has his dog that passed away cloned with help of Yves/Xavier. Minor heresy, evidence within databanks of laboratory annexes of Emplastrum Aegis.