GM NPC Ugrippa


Ugrippa, Cautious warped midwife,
-Abortionist of mutants and expert of occult.
-Faced Nytram the Bloody handed and got out with pact to hold.??
-Wise enough not to take free gift from Nytram Red-handed as some other occultist at Ultima Tectum did. Instead she made a bargain with the daemon.
-Spreads ritual of twin infanticide to population of Nimbus Extern to prevent Nytram collecting his power.
-Member of ancient order of A Sisters of the Order of the Opening Eye
-Has band of Spawns of chaos as her foster children??

-Founder of witch coven at Footfall.

-Lifespan extends several thousand years as she has spent majority of her life in cryo-stasis. Biological age: 350 years

-Started as sanctioned psyker, was hired by radical Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Immel Amud. (now dead). Has worked independently since.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
28 28 30 40 36 28 37 45 23

Movement: 3/6/9/18 Wounds: 13
Awareness (Per), Ciphers (Occult) (Int), Common Lore
(Imperium, Koronus Expanse) (Int), Command (Fel), Deceive
(Fel) +10, Forbidden Lore (Cults, Daemonology, Warp) (Int)
+10, Intimidate (S) +10, Invocation (WP) +10, Psyniscience
(Per), Scholastic lore (Occult) (Int) +10, Secret Tongue (Cult) (Int), Speak Language (Low
Gothic) (Int), Trade (Seer) (Int).
Dark Soul, Fearless, Jaded, Melee Weapon Training
(Primitive), Peer (Renegade), Pistol Weapon Training (SP),
Psy Rating 6, Resistance (Psychic Techniques).
Dark Pact†, one Mutation from Table 14–3.
†Dark Pact:
In addition to her psyker abilities, a Warp
Witch can summon daemons and unclean spirits in order to
try to navigate the warp and to do their bidding; these rituals
are complex and dangerous and cannot be performed during
combat encounters.

The character is able to see the world as it really is – the souls
of mortals gutter like lanterns in the night while the predators
of the warp circle all about like sharks scenting blood.
The character literally sees the souls of his enemy. All
Awareness Tests gain a +10 bonus; however, any Scrutiny
Tests suffer a –10 penalty as the character is less able to see
such mundane things as facial expressions.
Telepathy, Telekinesis.
Pyschic Techniques:
Short Range Telepathy, Mind
Probe, Terrify, Delude, Beastmaster, Compel.
Reinforced void suit (Arms 2, Body
3, Legs 2).
Weapons: Blessed s
acrificial blade (1d5+4 R; Primitive), stub
automatic (30m; S/3/–; 1d10+3 I; Pen 0; Clip 9; Rld Full).
Tattered clothes, trinkets and fetishes, ragged reinforced
void suit, respirator.
Authority: Inquisitorial warrant
Goal: Fight entities of the warp.
Fear: Possession
Allies and enemies: Allies: Bethel Clan Enemies: Nytram Red-handed, Sun daemon
Insanity: 25
Corruption: 55

Faith: 3

The Lens of Seeing

This artifact appears as nothing more than a simple monocle,
similar to those worn by the aristocracy across the Imperium.
Close inspection will show the lens itself is made from the
finest crystal, with none of the usual marks left by mechanical
polishers. The frame is gold wire, engraved with tiny symbols
and sigils, and comes with a length of fine chain so the lens
can easily be attached to one’s clothing.
A curious and almost benign artifact—unlike many
creations of the malefic arts—the Lens of Seeing was in fact
shaped by the Radical Inquisitor Immel Amud. He sought to
use it for the Imperium’s benefit, seeking a way to decipher
the oft-encoded tomes found in the possession of cultists and
sorcerers. For a time, the Lens proved to be a valued tool in
his crusade against the forces of Chaos, allowing Amud to
clearly read even the most minor of notes, thus laying the
cultists’ plans out in the open to be countered. But eventually
the fickle nature of the warp made itself known, and Amud
discovered far too late the price the Lens asks for its services.
Driven to near madness by his obsession with secrets the
Lens revealed, Amud met his end when a supposedly minor
gathering of cultists proved to have ten times that number.
Slain in the ensuing battle, Amud’s body was eventually
recovered, but the Lens was not to be found.
Using The Lens Of Seeing
Activating the Lens requires an Ordinary (+10) Invocation
Test and a Full Action. Once the Lens has been activated, it
will make any text viewed through it legible to the character
regardless of origin. This includes text written in various
xenos tongues, ciphers, codes, and the like. The effect lasts as
long as the character reads one particular text. If he switches
to a new book, he must reactivate the Lens.
The Lens, while quite useful, isn’t without its hazards.
Each individual use of the Lens causes the character to gain
1 Insanity Point. Keep this total separate from any other
Insanity Points the character may gain. Once the character
gains 10 Insanity Points from using the Lens, he must make a
Trauma Test as described on page 234 of the Dark Heresy
Rulebook. However, failure doesn’t result in a roll on the
Mental Trauma table; it simply reflects how much control
over the character the Lens has.
As the character gains Insanity Points (and potentially
fails Trauma Tests) he becomes more and more possessive of
the Lens, until eventually he will refuse to be without it. In
addition, once the character reaches 40 Insanity Points, he will
double-check all written documents with the Lens, looking
for hidden meanings and secret messages. Once he reaches 60
Insanity Points, he will only read documents via the Lens, and
once he reaches 80 Insanity Points he will have lost the ability
to read anything unless using the Lens. In addition, once the
character has 60 Insanity Points and is totally dependent on
the Lens, the accursed monocle will begin to alter the content
of whatever the character is reading, subtly changing words
and sentences.