GM NPC Jotak

Young Jotak


-Half-breed child of Huwan father and Imperial mother. Genetic mixup perfect to produce Alpha level psyker.

-At age of 10 sells Usharillos at the delapidated spaceport of Gravis Major.

-Regular smoking of Usharillos keeps his psychic awakening at the bay.



-Meets arbitrator Mordechai and is chastened by him to stop smoking and selling usharillos and to start serve the emperor.


-Sells Imperial souveniers at the operational spaceport and surrounding festivals to survive.


-During native insurgency Huwan tribal warriors attack the spaceport. Jotak looses his mother. Jotak goes through psychic awakening. Creates sanctuary in to the warp (“Shadowbidge”).

-Jotak is subdued by Judge Mordechai who puts him to chemical coma for several moths while imprisonement is arranged. Permanent muscle atrophy is caused by prolonged coma.

-Judge Mordechai commands Jotak to accept his path in grace of the Emperor.

-Jotak is transferred to Collegio Magnitudo at Semis for permanent incarceration at hexagrammic suppression cells and overseen by Headmaster Idomias.

To come:

Jotak escapes Collegio Magnitudo.

Trinity of star-children is formed.