grg-Special series of servitors produced by Necromechanic Fortius. -Beside standard servitor conditioning their lobotomized cortex’s are infused with subroutines that make them scout and report to Fortius in a subtle ways. –Locations of enhanced GRG servitors: EF-118, Avaritas, Collegio Magnitudo, Canor Sol WS 25 BS 20 S 35 T 35 Ag 25 Per 15 Int 20 WP 20 Fel 05 Servitor Servo-Fist Natural – Primitive 1d10 I; Pen 6; Skills: Athletics (S) +10 Talents: Iron Jaw Traits: Dark Sight, Machine (3), Mind Lock, Unnatural Strength (2), Unnatural Toughness (2) Gear: Cybernetic physiology, integral micro-bead !GM only!