GM NPC Diplomat Gabriele Alquesta

-Imperial diplomat from Calixis sector.

Member of Order Famulous

The Order Famulous are chamberlains and advisors to royalty throughout the Imperium. While they have traditionally held the official status of a mere ear whisperer, it is commonly known that the Sisterhood holds a lot of sway on the worlds where they advise. Where the Sisters Famulous have worked over the last several millennia, tithes have been maintained or increased, trade has improved, and in general the population has fared better than on other worlds. With such clear evidence of the benefits they bring, it is no wonder that the Sisters Famulous are in high demand among noble families throughout the Imperium.

Associates: Navy Liaison Officer Ignatius Bedelson, High Judge Badenor

Adversaries: High-judge Gregory, Inquisitor Grand Master Aurora Orlov, Syndicate

Location: Promenade of Canor Sol star fortress

!GM notes!