GM Nimbus Extern

Class: Comet cloud
Size: Huge
Gravity: None
Resources: Exotic element (Ultra dense water), Archaotech, Xeno tech

Void born clans

Imperial sub-society born around spiritual leader of deep space miner population.

-Growing up in low gravity, poor atmosphere and unshielded of radiation from space causes high percentage of children be born with minor and major mutations. Same conditions cause gradual mutations in adults.
-Because of high risk of mutation Void born clans have developed some levee on minor mutations but also strong social self-regulation of rampant mutations.
-Among clans of Nimbus Extern midwife Ugrippa is known to handle mutated pregnancies and after birth executions.
-Divided to several competing clans. Void union and Bethel clan being strongest at the system.

Nimbus Extern

-Ice clans who have millennia of experience on mining comet clouds for minerals and water. At some point of their travels they met Ugrippa and she became their guide through empty void.
-Chances of finding archaotech increased arrival of void born clan prospectors.
-Clan Bethel (mining, archaotech, high creed, lead by Mama Bethel)
-Clan Morgo (mining, xenotech, scholastic lore)
-Clan Tarang (mining, cult lore, mutant hunting)

Witch-Wife Ugrippa is leader and center of outer clans. Her guidance keeps outer clans from collapsing to uncontrolled mutations and internal feuds. In some sense her presence has made it possible for outer clans to flourish.

Who are cold trade buyers for Nimbus Extern void born clans
-Dark mechanicus, archaotech, resources, slaves
-Omnisheim, archaotech
-Chorda agent
-Winterscale agent
-Underworld crime boss