Evidence locker


Xeno heavy weapon from “Pugia” habitat.

HLF pamflet “Free yout mind” from Freedom Cafe, Canor Sol.

Book of HLF propaganda Discourse on the Origin and Basis of Inequality Among Men from Gravis Major.

HLF pamflet “Natural remedyes” from “Imperial Friendship Bridge” opening.

Xeno surgeon equipment from twin surgeons from “Avaritas” station.

Collection of xeno artefacts +4 TF from “Pugia” habitat.

Drugs: Somna +4 TF, Kalma +2 TF, Usharillo +3 TF, Blue crystal TF +5 , Spook, Fury.

Xeno shard sword of Vile Xeno Psyker from  “Pugia” habitat.


Upgrade: Forgery, uninstalled from “Pugia” habitat.

Confiscated evidence stored and guarded at main cargo hold of “Sphaera Imperator” habitat:

-Transport container filled with alkaline water and forged to resemble holy water used by rites of ecclesiarchy from “Canor Sol” space station.

-Xeno Warp Launcher component, unpowered, damaged from “Pugia” habitat.