Sound effect library


List of soundtracks from YouTube by general and vague topics:

Library is collected from sounds planned to be used in WH 40K campaigns and majority of sounds can be classified to sci-fi/combat/urban/horror/dark effects.

Jungle day
Jungle night
Thunder storm
Calm sea
Calm ocean
Forest day
Peaceful stream
Blizzard and wind
Fireplace at night
Cave with dripping water
Forest ambience Birds Insect Buzz
Rainfall and thunder 10 hour
Lava bubbling
Underwater bubbling

Bubbling mud

Bubbling mud 2

Bubbling mud and steam

Bubbling ooze

Ocean waves crashing on rocks


Rapid river
Dark dank cave

Planet sounds:

Flies buzzin
Bees buzzing
Snake hiss
Snake hiss 2

Cat fights cat

Constant combat
Urban combat
Star Vessel/Fortress
Xeno machine and horn sounds
Missile launch countdown short
Combat Distant explosions
Combat radio chatter
Rain artillery gunfire 1 hour
Small arms warfare 10 hours
Tank moving
Battle ambience distant
Plasma gun
Infantry charge
Predator autocannon
Imperial walker
Small imperial walker

Battle aftermath

Warfare WWI

Warfare Vietnam

Distant Gunfire Flames and Artillery

War Ambience Distance Sound Gunfire WWII

Industrial samples and impacts
Industrial and factory
Heavy impact cinematic
Machine room sound
Fluorecent light
Industrial fans
Industrial exhaust fan
Factory sounds
Construction heavy machines
Military Vehicle, Farm Vehicle
Industrial ambience, machines 1
Industrial ambience, machines 5
Industrial ambience, machines 7
Industrial ambience, machines 18 ELEVATOR
Industrial ambience, machines 20 clunk
Industrial ambience, machines 24
Industrial ambience, machines 28 ROBOTIC welding
Industrial sounds 10 hours
Beeping machinery
Chrushing, grinding

Ice cracking

Action sounds:
Meteor hits earth

Institute ambience
City traffic distant ambience
City rumble ambience
Heavy traffic ambience
City ambience with constant rain
Big machines at work
Mad science lab

Server Room 188 | Quiet Cy-Fi: Ambience

Library sound

Radio chatter and space static

Cyberpunk cityscape

Bamboo fountain
Church bell
Church bell 2
Hand bell ringing
Inside church, echoing footsteps, organ play
Giant gate opening
Choir of children
Medieval small marketplace, medieval
Crowded local tavern, medieval
Town square daytime, medieval
Quiet tavern, medieval
Generic dungeon, medieval
Raided village
City, medieval

Star vessel/fortress:
Star vessel ambience
Millenium falcon engine
Space station
Sci-fi lab

Alien Spacecraft Sound Effects
Space Sounds White Noise Station cargo
Space station
Space ship
Spaceship Sound Effects, Battlecruiser and Spacecraft Passbys

Warning signals:
Nuclear alarm 1 h
Warning sound
Reactor meltdown 15 min
Space alarm
Cockpit alarm signs

Mechanicus ambient:
Mechanicus ambient 1
Mechanicus ambient 2

Ethereal ambient:
Abandoned ship
Space station
Eerie ambience
Haunted forest

Demonic whispers
Demonic chorus
Spell chanting
Cauldron bubbling in a cave
Ethereal bubbling
Ethereal bubbling 2

Large monster breathing

Cave monster

Random knocking

Xeno musicians

Swamp thingy
Godzilla breath

Ethereal sounds
Magical ice-cave
Magical portal sounds

Dark ambient Abandoned space station
Dark ambience – Cave sound

Sewers ambience

Horror ambience

Horror cinematic music effect

Moaning ghost children

Scary noises

Male ghost breathing and screaming

Creepy ghost child

Monster sound effect
Handling organs

Sinister piano sound

Weeping ghost
Creepy young girl singing

Lake freezing
Wooden gate of a castle
Wet, slapping noises
Angel choir
Demon chanting latin
Gates of Hell
1st circle of Hell
2nd circle of Hell
3rd circle of Hell
4th circle of Hell
5th circle of Hell
6th circle of Hell
7th circle of Hell
8th circle of Hell
9th circle of Hell
Death house

Warhammer speech audio sources:
BFG chaos trailer
Battlefleet gothic armada 2 all cuttscenes
Battlefleet gothic armada – all cutscenes

Tesla coil
Fast mechanical clock
Typing cogitator interface quickly
Rotary phone dialing
Vintage film camera rolling
Radom digital noise
VCR rewind noise
Agitated alien
Modem connecting
Submarine sonar ping
Radio static
Agitated alien
Droid Transmission Sounds – Lost Locator
Transformer sounds
Orbital transmissions
Robot Sound Effects – Assault Mech – Robotic War Unit
CASINO – ANTIQUE slot machine

Star trek bridge sounds

Computer sound

Geiger counter

Helicopter sound

Internal sounds:
Heartbeat fast 1 hour
Heavy breathing irregular
Space helmet breathing


Heavy breath wheezing

Breathing and running

Human sounds:
Running footsteps

Falling scream male
Muffled scream
Chanting priest

Evil laugh 1
Evil laugh 2
Evil laugh 3
Evil laugh underground
Evil laughter ambience
Evil laughter woman
Unnatural evil laugh

Horror child laughter
Creepy Little Girl Talking, Singing, Whispering