821.M41 Yearly Imperial reports from the system

Imperial instances:

Strabolus, Enginseer of EF-188

-Trajectories of convergence are auspicious. all praise the Omnissiah.

Usindra, Councilor of Imperial colony Bastion of Drusus,

-Petitions filed for more population to be located to the city as the majority of hive towers are standing uninhabited. Risk of squatter infestation and criminal activity. Loss of revenue to keep empty buildings operational.

Decision by judge Mordechai: petition denied, population limit stands (tax-losses acceptable), servitors made from half-prayer campaign scour the buildings, Operations are also good practice to local militia. Tax factory -1

Isolte, Baroness of Grand Falls

-Makes official claim as a noble house of the Imperium to lead military forces with troops of the noble house at Gravis Major to cast out xenos infestation from the planet.  Her claim of conquest is supported by reports of Brother-militant Makbae, Colonel Ardman, Conciliatorix Simion.

Decision by judge Mordechai: approved, will be burdened with war-tax (Tax factory +2).

Makbae Brother-militant, Bastion of Drusus

-Informs about the plan of temple construction projects across native lands of Gravis Major. Galaxy missionary funds insufficient for the project, additional funds from ecclesiarchy denied by influence of cardinal Humer. Asks menial collateral guarantee for borrowed sum of 50 tithe factors from Judge Mordechai.

Decision by judge Mordechai: collateral guarantee provided.

-Plans to establish Imperial Guard type military training camps at desert continent. Long term plan to initiate local Imperial Guard regiment from the surviving ingenious population.

Conciliatrix Simion, Grand Falls, Chorda representative

-The restrictions of travel, mining, exploitation of natural resources and populating the planet hinder the increase of tax revenue from it. The official letter of complainant will be purchased if restrictions will not ease up.

Decision by judge Mordechai: DENIED, the  planet is under a martial law, the official letter of complain is stamped. +1 Tax Factory for stamping expenses.

Imperial Friendship Bridge, city

-Several hiveblocks are uninhabited. Keeping up the empty buildings cause loss of tax revenue.

Decision by judge Mordechai: taxloss acceptable

Boltazar, Chorda dynasty resource consultant, Avaritas space station, Chorda representative

-Petition to use cogitational power of Laboratorium Annexes of Emplastrum Aegis for medical research.

Decision by judge Mordechai: Laboratorium use denied.

-The furnace output has increased as a larger workforce is located to Penitus Balteus and Nothus. Power factory increased by +1.

-The shipments of food to Gravis Major has been contaminated by mold during transition from Canor Sol to the planet. Curatorix Mordio accuses minions of Winterscale dynasty at Canor Sol for a sabotage. Investigation beseech from judge Mordechai.

Decision by judge Mordechai: arbitrators initiate investigation mold problem, investigation tax instituted (+1 Tax factor)

-Chorda dynasty demands to Judge Mordechai to cease interfering with the increasement of population at Gravis Major. The planet must be developed to a functional pristine Imperial world at a rapid pace.

Decision by judge Mordechai:  Dynasty claim denied as planet under martial law and has launched military campaign. (Military operation lead by Baroness Isolte)

Fortius Mechanicus, Avaritas

-The mineral ore output has increased as a larger miner workforce is established to Penitus Balteus and Nothus. Power factory +1

Memillius, Spokesman of Sphaera Imperator habitat

-Arrival of off-world miners to Peniteus Balteus and Nothus has increased tensions between voidborn and off-world miner populations. Guild war imminent.

Decision by judge Mordechai: Edict announced; A guild war is NOT acceptable under the Emperors eyes.

-As bounty has been placed on his head he seeks for arbitratorial protection. Willing to compensate a constant protective arbitator squad by +1 tax factory.

Decision by judge Mordechai: Precinct-fortress will grant arbitratorial squad for a protection.

Alfmed, Imperial Pies, Canor Sol

-Has secured high profit sub-sector deal with Imperial Navy. Tax factor revenue increased by +2.

-Business heavily hindered by delays caused by inspections of customs officials of the spaceport and restrictions on use of natural resources.

Decision by judge Mordechai: Restriction not lifted and must be uphold indefinitely.

-Seeks legal support of establishing colony to Gravis Major to exploit the natural food resources of the planet to sustain Imperial Navy. Pays +2 Tax Factory expenses of arbitrator stationed to the colony.

Decision by judge Mordechai: The colony accepted (only legit resources management accepted)

 -Request of privileged off-custom shuttle flight rights to Gravis Major to counter delays caused by customs inspections. Offers to pay +2 Tax factory for the stamp on parchment of passage.

Decision by judge Mordechai: Special custom processing,  so there is customs but Alfmed’s supplies go first in waiting line (NAVY-faststamp).

Romero Linza, foreman of refugee miners, 60.000 citizens, settled to Sphaera Imperator.

-A petition of protection for Imperial citizens to Judge Mordechai against sabotage, swindled mineral claims and spaced out workers around Penitus Balteus.

Decision by judge Mordechai: Romero Linza’s petition accepted, grant protection -> requires allocated troops and shuttles to patrol mining areas of Peniteus Balteus. Tax factory -2 ??(add to costs)

Vladir, Prison Warden of PC-5728, Nothus

-Tax revenue has decreased as warden has been forced by competition to invest on better equipment at the penal colony. Tax factory revenue  -2.

Chemical Procession Facility Best quality, Dolabra Imperator, Nothus

-Tax revenue has increased by +3 to total revenue of +9/15

Arviragus, Adepta Adminstratum, Canor Sol, Winterxcale representative

-An offer to continue to mutually hire minor rogue traders to protect the system for a short term.

Decision by judge Mordechai: Supported by Judge Mordechai. Bounty offered -5 to tax factory when bounty is due.

-On a long term he has plans to gather the influence on a petition to the Imperial Navy, so that permanent frigate is positioned to protect drydocks of Canor Sol star fortress.

Decision by judge Mordechai: Supported by Judge Mordechai

Beskavar, Artesan Tech-Priest, Canor Sol

-A factorium providing an armor-plating for star vessels has been activated. Power factory increase by +1.

Solomon, Enforcer, Pauperpolis mining habitat

-Habitat has gained merchant warrant for a system vessel. Tax Factory revenue +2.

-Habitat has installed archeotech drive to habitat and created star vessel from their comet habitat. It has become able to relocate within the system but it is not capable for warp voyages.

-Petitions for higher authority status to Void Marshal for expanded jurisdiction as a status of the void habitat has changed to a merchant system vessel.

Decision by judge Mordechai: Promotion granted

Custom office Pauperpolis, Ar

-Detailed logs on archeotech sales conducted at Pauperpolis.

Mama Bethel, Celos

-Increased production. Power factory +1. Factorium component providing armored void suits is installed to habitat and has become operational.

-Clan Bethel has secured Imperial mining rights of heavy ice from Nimbus Extern. Imperial status has changed to Miner Guild Bethel. +2 to Tax factory revenue.

Decision by judge Mordechai: Bethel Guild tax revenue directed back to Bethel Guild to fund the pacifying seething guild wars at the system. ??

Agents and vassals:

Saboteur Wolfhart, Avaritas station barracks

-Headmaster Idiomus has been visiting Cardinal Humer several times at the cathedral. His visits have had extremely high security procedures. Idiomus has been accompanied with a heavily guarded psyker boy.

Transmechanic Morcutor, Vassal of Specialist Gödel, PC-5728, Nothus, TF: -1, Contact: Strabolus

-Anomalous readings from the power network of Dolabra Imperator. Authorization codes to access the core required to calibrate the fluctuations of power distribution.

Electro-Priest Gauss, Vassal of Specialist Gödel, Sphaera Imperator, Penitus Balteus

-Has classified Nova Byte worm that infiltrated high precinct-fortress causing the loss of tax revenue from bounties. Similar code was used to cause crash of data-vaults 745.M41 at Idumea forge world, Calixis sector.

Rune-Priest Regiomontanus, Vassal of Specialist Gödel, Sphaera Imperator, Penitus Balteus

-Has been conducting research on attributes of archeotech armor plate. Results indecisive. Request of noospheric modelling of the material at the cogitator vaults of tech-shrine at Sphaera Imperator. Estimated requirement for a dedication of the tech-shrine’s computational capacity is 3,0571 Terran months with 0,3% margin of tolerance.

Tech Deacon Oppolzer, Vassal of Specialist Gödel, Sphaera Imperator, Penitus Balteus, -2 PF, Contact: Mechanicus.

-Has fiercely and successfully competed with Collegio Magnitudo, scholae progenium of Avaritas and orphan collectors of PC-5728 for quality recruits.

-New generation of scitarii has been indoctrinated to a service of the Omnissiah and will be ready to form cohort when power is distributed to the project. Requires 5 power factory investment to be initiate it by acquiring standard, cybernetics, gear and components.

Astropath acolyte Teresa, Vassal of Astropath Martün, Sphaera Imperator, Penitus Balteus

-After several years of honing her skills she has become familiar with the threat that sun possess. Gain bonus to psychic actions and defense versus the sun.

Astropath primus Traci, Vassal of Astropath Martün, Canor Sol, Nimbus Extern, -3 TF

-Has become a major asset for operatives of Winterscale dynasty and Imperial Navy. Has favors to claim among them.

Nurse Aletha, Ally, Bastion of Drusus, Gravis Major, TF: -1, Contact: Ordo Hospitallers

-Cases of lunacy and psychic disturbances have been on increase since the planet Gravis Major passed it winter solstice position.

Judge Mordechai’s decision: Mordchai Memorial Hospital requires arbitratorial barracks -1 Tax factory burned, Planet wide amount of mild sedative drugs emergency stores acquired, -1 Tax factory burned. (Able to treat planet’s population (2 million people) for mild insanity for 3 months.

Technomat Supreme Blunt, Grand Falls, Gravis Major, Contact: Rananan-8

-After collapse of Imperial population at Gravis Major the great engine has been idle. Blunt estimates that engine should be kept fully operational or it may develop quirk sluggish. A suitable configuration protocol for the engine is prayed from the tech-shrine of Sphaera Imperator. +1 power factory if the re-configuration is completed successfully.

Captain Trantor, Ally, Grand Falls, Gravis Major, TF: -2, Contact: Imperial guard

-Tactical data of xeno troop and fortification positions across temperate continent of Gravis Major.

Heir Louis of Grand Falls, Ally, Grand falls, Gravis Major, Contact: Nobility, Underworld

-Operations of Syndicate are going forward: funds to sabotage Chorda operations have become accessible.

Decision by judge Mordechai: Accept sabotage operation against Chorda dynasty at the system. Target or sleeping agent??

Lieutenant Patris, Ally, Canor Sol, Nimbus Extern, Contact: Winterscale dynasty

-Proposes a battle exercise with Canor Sol star fortress and raider Golden Fury to hone defenses of the system’s mandeville point. His idea has been discarded by his superiors but if proposal comes from judge Mordechai they are not able to deny participation to exercise. Young officer shows signs of restlessness and hunger for action on his report.

Decision by judge Mordechai: war practice acceptable, space combat pitää saada alta pois eli puolen vuoden päähän sovitaan great exercise

Lady Percy, Sphaera Imperator, Chorda dynasty vassal, Contact: Nobility

-Cells of Armormant sect have stayed in Sphaera Imperator since the opening ceremonies. No activity perceived.

Perdiolus, Homo Legatus: Mechanicum, EF-118, Gravis Minor

-New expedition should be arranged before arrival of other Mechanicus factions to the system. Tachyon lenses integrated with satellite system provides better access to topographical and radiation data of Gravis Minor. Several curious anomalies located from the satellite data. The satellite data included for a storage at Tech-shrine.


Precinct-fortress of Imperial Friendship Bridge
Enforcer Theodore, Crew rate: 35, TF 2

-Has channeled extra resources to enforce high security around null bay.

Enforcer Malakai, Crew rate: 30 TF 1

-Has created tactical stratagems for a control of spaceport of Gravis Major.

Toll booth 
Veteran Bridge Master Godwinne, Crew rate: 45 ,TF 2

-Has rigorously trained troops for defense stratagems for Imperial Friendship bridge

Bastion of Saint Drusus

Custom office at Space port
Regular Arbitrator squad

-Summary and thorough inspection of contraband has not provided any suspect for planet’s drug problems. Inspections cause delay on commerce and travelers. Several complaints from local traders.

Decision by judge Mordechai:

Underground HQ at sewers

Senior sanitation specialist Komuk

-Several suspicious dead bodies found at the sewer system of Bastion of Saint Drusus. Autopsy analysis required. Dataslate with flicks from scene of investigation. Collection of biological samples.

Decision by judge Mordechai: Noted, will investigate personally or assign troops?


Enforcer Xanatov, Crew rate: 30, TF 1

-Detailed surveillance logs on people who has been visiting medbays of Avaritas station.

Custom office
Regular Arbitrator squad

-Detailed logs of commerce conducted on the star fortress Avaritas.

Sphaera Imperator

Enforcer Thurio, Crew rate: 30, TF 1

-Riot gear has been included to all barrack forces to counter religious zealots who break Lex Imperialis.

Dolabra Imperator

nforcer Korba

-Shipments of small arms and explosives have been shipped to Sphaera Imperator.

Canor Sol

Enforcer Jariak, Crew rate: 30, TF 1

-Star fortress has been enhancing it’s defense after chaos reaver invaded the system. Shock troops have been attached to the station.

Leader: Enforcer Aesteban (F)

-Has developed measures to defend precinct-fortress in case of boarding.

Custom office
Regular Arbitrator squad

-Detailed surveillance logs gathered on Imperial citizens and star vessels visiting the star system. Arbitratorial team has been using Observatory component to be independent on data-collection.


Enforcer Solomon, Crew rate: 40,  TF 3

-Warns about Syndicate activity in the system. New leader has been appointed after death of Borga.


Enforcer Josette (Bethel clan background), Crew rate: 30, TF 1

-Small arms and explosives provided to representatives of the Confederation of Light to Peniteus Balteus.