Yearly reports Imperial reports 818.M41


Gravis Minor
Engineseer Strabolus, Wisdom of the Machine God is logical.

Gravis Major
Mayor Usindra, Tax Factor increase from refugee camps +2
Baroness Isolte, Tax Factor increase from refugee camps +2
Komuk the Rat-Catcher, Underground HQ active and secured at Bastion of Saint Drusus, Tax factory -1
Consiliatorix Simion, Tax Factor increase from canned meat trade to refugee camps. +2
Commander Elmeh, Propaganda campaign successful,Crushing the native insurgency with orbital bombing successful.
Enforcer Malakai Major crimes: Smuggling, public intoxication, public agitation (HLF, Cult of Alkaline Water)

Conciliatorix Boltazar, As rejuvenation chamber becomes operational again no decrease in tax factor of the station. As auto-temple has become operational influx of pilgrims increase tithe factory of cardinal Humer.
Cardinal Humer demands Judge Mordechai appear for chastening at cathedral of Avaritas for working without mandatory blessing of Ecclesiarchy to be performed to precinct-fortresses and barracks. If not done he will accuse Judge Mordechai of heresy. Arco-flagellant is delivered to court room of Sphaera Imperator precinct-fortress to remind Adeptus Arbites about ultimate power of Ecclesiarchy of the Imperium.
Enforcer Xanatov Main crimes: Smuggling, devout mobs, overdose

Sphaera Imperator
Spokesman Memillius, Plans to increase amount of population living in the habitat population to 50.000.
Enforcer Thurio Main crimes: Assassinations, public intoxication,

Xenos Legatus Quintus, incidents of murder, vandalism and sabotage.

Headmaster Idiomus, Warning about emergence of alpha level psykers at the system. Skolana psykana assistance mandatory if encountered.

Warden Vladir, as lack of prisoners shipments are inadequate penal colony production is still low.

Canor Sol
Conciliatorix Arviragus, Tax factor loss of decreased archaotech sale is countered by profits produced by space dock pier.
Enforcer Jariak, Main crimes: Sabotage, smuggling, gang violence

Spokesman Defou nominated by enforcer Solomon.
Enforcer Solomon Main crimes: Tithe evasion, bribery,

Mama Bethel, Clan Bethel requires Imperial recognition of their habitat. Tax factory +1, Requires enforcer.