Yearly Imperial Reports 817.M41


Yearly Imperial reports and requests of the system:

Brother-Militant Makbae, Gravis Major,  Location of two other major religious centers located (arctic continent, desert continent), Native temple has not been destroyed, its weaponry and defenses too strong for fighter attack. Possible continuity: Assault squad or torpedo bombardment?

Mayor Usindra, Gravis Major, Problems caused by low power has been solved with additional plasma core, colony is thriving, luxury quarters, prominent figurehead and promenade has been authorized. Common sentences: Theft, fraud, public indecency

Commander Embeh, Vellum, Blockade successful, Imperial guards stationed at the planet has been rationed during blockade, Native archaotech vehicle destruction unsuccessful, powerful void shield and rapid firing laser battery. Loss of three fighters. Further engagement avoided.

Enforcer, Thurio, Sphaera Imperator. Population normal, because of continued disuse of the cell it has been converted to emergency infirmary for void miners recovering from injuries. Common sentences: Theft, Public intoxication

Prison warden Vladir, Nothus. Underused capacity, More prisoners needed to bring up tax profit of the penal colony. Penal colony has 250 conscripts over the minimum required by Imperial Navy.

Enginseer Morcurator, Nothus. Underused core capacity, Abundant exotic minerals, Atmosphere anomaly, No power fluctuation. Statistically high amounts of minor illnesses.

Conciliatrix Arviragus, Canor Sol. Construction of space peer facility almost functional, HLF saboteurs have slowed down the construction. Unusually high amounts of minor illnesses. Common sentences: Sabotage, Fraud, Customs violation,

Enforcer Solomon, Pauperpolis.  Xeno trinket trade has been cleaned from station, Distribution of unauthorized drugs has been cleaned from the station but continues somewhere else at Nimbus Extern. Disbanding cult meeting, execution of cult leader. Common sentences: Sale and possession of Xeno item, Sale and possession of illegal narcotics, Murder,

Formal Imperial Requests:
-For ending of Gravis Major blockade pending from Mayor Usindra, Nurse Aletha, Baroness Isolte, Conciliatrix Simion, Arch-Diocese Humer, Conciliatrix Boltazar, Headmaster Idiomus.