Yearly Imperial report of the system 818.M41

Gravis minor

Strabolus: No aberrations that require of reporting.

Gravis Major:

Bastion of Saint Drusus




Makbai Brother Militant

-As conversion of local population has succeeded, next step will be creation of Imperial Guard regiments from militarized local population.

Imperial friendship bridge

Malakai Precinct fortress enforcer

-Drug problem has continued. Spaceport troops have been heavily scrutinized. Flow of illegal contraband happens through some other route than spaceport.

-15 latent psykers incarcerated to null bay.

Fortress-manor of Grand falls

Lady Isolte

Simion Chorda conciliatorix

-North of temperate continent: Iniatives for Harbor and food factorium when spring comes 821M.41.

Peniteus Balteus

Sphaera Imperator

Eckbert Arbitrator

-Psychic screening of system’s Imperial citizen has produced 17 latent psykers.

-Imperial population at the system:
Gravis Minor: 25
Gravis Major: 10.158.232
Penitus Balteus: 1.170.953
Semis: 422
Nothus: 32.646
Nimbus Extern: 720.769



Xanatov Enforcer

Humer Cardinal

-Scholarium works full power as steady flow of imperial orphans feed construction and occupation operations of the cathedral of “Immaculate Truth”.

Boltazar Chorda conciliatorix

Chorda curatorix


Xeno Legatus Quintus

-Great xenoarcheological find. Excavation starting as soon as crystal specialist is hired.



-Penal colony underpopulated (30k prisons) to increase up Imperial resource production. Every 10.000 prisons would bring minimum +2 tax factory to each Imperial authority at Ultima Tectum. Penal colony would be able to house 150.000 inmates.


-Nothing to report. Population growth and production vetories have been rising as predicted. Recommendation of instituting system governor.

Nimbus Extern

Canor Sol


Auto Carnis Processor has been installed to each open habitat and colony of the system (not in Semis. Scutum, Nothus, Gravis Minor).

Arviragus Conciliatorix

Hemlock Curatorix

1 psyker latent psyker detected. Apprehended and delivered to Sphaera Imperator


Solomon Enforcer



Mama Bethel

-Proud to report that their birth control is adequate enough to keep their void clans free of warp unstable individuals.