Void battle of Graveyard 820.M41

-As Regurgitator follows Apollonia to No-flight zone of Graveyard. Tech-priest Krylov negotiates with Judge Mordechai. For endangering star vessel of Mechanicus Krylov demands right of Expedition to Graveyard. Judge complies. Krylov changes flight course to direct approach of Apollonia.

-As Regurgitator enters No-flight zone it is hit by derelict atomic torpedo by by grace of the Machine God it resists the blast of flaming radiation.

Regurgitator is boarded by archeotech sentinel bot and Ungues Aquilarum faces mechanical monstrosity. Gödel is heavily damaged by his own power-fist but retinue is able to hit eye, the weak spot of the bot, and it is permanently deactivated and looted.

Regurgitator approaches Apollonia in depths of Graveyard and as they initiate void combat Syndicate raider lead by Crime-lord Borga joins the void battle.

-Nor caring about facing two opponents Regurgitator flies to firing range from Apollonia and each weapon, macrobattery and lance, makes a critical hit, deprezzurising and setting on fire the temple of Slaanesh, fire spreads and sets alchymical life sustainer on fire. Raging fires wipe out 18 population and trophy room is also ignited.

Apollonia Hull integrity: 16/40 Population 54/100 Morale: 23/100

Pirate Captain Silvan abandons Syndicate raider and disengages from void combat and escapes to Mandeville point. As he evades burning components of the frigate are depressurized to put out flames. -6 to vessel population.

Regurgitator bombards “Golden Fury” heavily. Pop: -13 Mor: -12 Hull: -13

-Borga surrenders to his hatred towards Judge Mordechai and  instead of disengaging pushes on and boards Regurgitator and challenges Judge Mordechai in melee within clashing crews of the two vessels.

-Melee takes almost 30 turns.

-Both Mordechai and Borga empty the clips of their weapons and wear each other down. As chain sword of Borga jams they fight dirty with grappling attacks and knifes. Body critical hit to Borga, stunned 1 round, fatigue 1.

-Mordechai finishes stunned crime-lord with his combat knife.


Raw notes:

Apollonia +7 mor -1 pop, +3 mor -1 pop, +3 mor, -1 pop, -1 pop, -1 pop, -1 pop, -1 pop +2 mor (3 pop countered by slave holds)

Apollonia Hull integrity: -7= 16/40 Population 60/80 Morale: 23/100 +15 from alchymical , -5 crew rate, -5 command

Audacia: Hull integrity: -2 = 27/29 Population 80/100 Morale: 43/100

Regurgitator faces xeno minefield and

Hit by atomics torpedo to prow, no damage

Regurgitator evades stealth objects, one hit augury component and PCs face sentinel bot.

PCs destroy sentinel bot and collect the eye.


Focused augury

Golden Fury

Pop: 87/100Mor: 88/100 Hull: 17/30


Golden Fury

Focused augury: knows all components of regurgitator



Knows all component of apollonia

Regurgitator hits macro salvo -1 pop to apollonia

Regurgutator salvo to Apollonia -10 hull integrity and population

critical hit: depressurize altar of Slaanesh, -3 crew, -4 morale

second salvo 01 cirt, altar of slaanesh (-pop) and alchymical life sustainers (pop -3)are aflame, cancelled by slave hold.

Regurgitator hit by fury-1 pop, -1 mor

Silvan saves temple of slaanesh, unsuccessfully  damaged , trophy room gets on ire

alchymical lie sustainer damaged, mimic drive fire, -3 crew, -3 morale

apollonia deprezzurizes fires -6 pop, – 27 cancel 3 from slaveholds

Golden Fury hits regurgitator, hull integrity -11,  -1 pop, -1 mor

Regurgitator hits crit to Golden Fury -2 hull int, -2 pop, -2 mor, crit laser battery internal damage

Mordechai hits Borga  -5 wounds, – 1 wounds,

Borga loads and shoots 1 wound to Mordechai

Borga 1 wound

Borga burns dark faith to hit Mordechai, Mordechai burns faith point to evade a hit.

Mordechai 2 wounds

Borga 1 wound

MORDECHAI BREAKS ARM Body crit to borga, stunned 1 round, fatigue 1, ,sunned 1 round