Imperial reports of Bastion of Saint Drusus

During native insurgency 817.M41 

Conciliatorix Simion: Demands immediate crush of native rebellion and securing continent through genocide of Eagle tribe. In three months colony population will increase to over 10.000.000 imperial citizens. (Asks personally judge Mordechai to sentence Brother-militant Makbae to remove him from position of authority thus directly increasing Tax Factor paid by the colony.)

Komuk: Best to draw tribes to minefields and use sewers to counter attack their rear. Komuk has built Underground HQ inside colony sewers.

Aletha: Field hospital overrun by wounded after initial attack of the primitives.

Baroness Isolte: Has secured Manor-Fortress of Grand Falls and Imperial Friendship Bridge. Demands immediate occupation to secure space port. (Reports through Vox)

Brother-Militant Makbae: Endure siege for three months while airlifted Snake tribe warriors loyal to Imperium are able to attack home-grounds of Eagle Huwan tribes to pillage, enslave and loot.