Imperial drug policy of Ultima Tectum


Usharillo, xenos plant based narcotic smoke, produced by natives of Gravis Major
Forbidden in the system by authority of Judge Mordechai as part of cultural fragmentation operation of native Huwan tribes and part to weed out native habit that has spread across the system. 816.M41

Glimmer, narcotic, imported from other worlds
Forbidden in the system by authority of Cardinal Humer as tool of ruinous powers. 817.M41

Obscura, narcotic, imported from other worlds
Forbidden in the system, by authority of Cardinal Humer as tool of ruinous powers. 817.M41

Frenzon, stim, produced at other planets
Controlled at asteroid belt and comet cloud of the system by authority of miners guild, reserved only for combat. 781.M41

Blue ash, narcotic powder, produced locally.

Blue crystal, stim injection, produced locally,
Controlled by Imperial Navy by authority of high judge Vilea. 816.M41

Alkaline water, medicine/stim potion, produced locally
Forbidden locally by Judge Mordechai as tool of a heretic. 817.M41

Any narcotic or non-STC stim, produced in other worlds 816.M41
Forbidden at Pauperpolis habitat by enforcer Solomon to evict rampant drug trade from the habitat.

Purchase samples of any xeno substances for Imperial research
Controlled at Scutum habitat by authority of Chorda dynasty rogue trader warrant. 789.M41

Vox system’s of establishment serving intoxicating drinks at the system
Controlled vox casting, only permission to cast imperial marches from arbitrator vox channel at the premises by authority of judge Mordechai to prevent citizen exposure to recidivist and heretical music. 818.M41 “Sober Lumberjack” raided and burned 818.M41 “Freedom Cafe” raided and destroyed 818.M41.

As Koronus expanse is too diverse and fragmentary to form Imperial sector yet no sector wide rulings of drug policy are possible to create yet.

Winterscale dynasty has systematically forbidden locally the use of non-STC drugs and medicines at planets in their realm.

Calixis sector has forbidden import of any other than STC drugs from Koronus Expanse to Calixis sector after several minor epidemics of addiction and social collapse. Only way to get good profit from new drugs found at expanse is to smuggle them personally as prices at Port Wander are quarter compared to what can be profited from cold trade at neighboring sector.

Imperium wide forbidden drugs affecting local system.
Spook (DH p. 149) Randomly induces psychic ability, possibly causing Insanity.
Geist (HAC p. 66) Increases the user’s psychic ability.
Soul Echo (TSR p.117) Causes corruption.
D-dust (BC p. 182) User gains ruinous trait.
Satrophine (TOE p. 41) Causes corruption.
Flect Causes corruption