Homeworld: Penintent

“Many worlds are dominated by particular zeal and piety, beyond even the devotions expected by the Adeptus Ministorum. Such worlds can produce exceptional soldiers, who are willing to sacrifice all they have for the Emperor, particularly where the recruits are those who aspire towards martyrdom, in order to prove their faith or absolve their world of some ancestral sin. As valuable as devotion can be in a soldier, rigorous discipline is required to ensure that their zeal does not become an uncontrolled frenzy.”
–Extract from the Tactica Imperialis

The penitent are not those born of a single type of world, but rather those of a particular mind-set. While all the Imperium lives in the Emperor’s service, the penitent are those who eagerly give their deaths as well. Willing martyrs all, the penitent fight to demonstrate their zeal or to show
their contrition for the sins of the past. The penitent may be from Shrine Worlds, or the masses of pilgrims who cross the Imperium, while others hail from worlds where some ancient crime demands countless generations of absolution. In all cases, the penitent are savagely pious, seeking to bring death in the Emperor’s name, or die trying.
Cost: 300 XP points.
Characteristic Modifiers: +3 to any two of the following Characteristics—Fellowship, Toughness, Willpower.
Skills: All penitent characters start with Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy), Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Intimidate, and Linguistics (Low Gothic).
The Blood of Martyrs: The penitent do not regard death in the Emperor’s service as anything to fear, and face the prospect of righteous sacrifice gladly. Penitent characters start with one of the following Talents: Nerves of Steel, Orthoproxy, or Unshakeable Faith.
Only One Life to Give: So driven to martyrdom are the penitent, that it can drive them to take unnecessary risks, lamenting that they can only sacrifice themselves once.
Penitent characters must pass an Ordinary (+10) Willpower Test in order to retreat from combat or otherwise act in the interests of self-preservation.
Untempered Zeal: The pious spirit of the penitent is almost unmatched in its ferocity, and while their faith is closer to the violent ardour of the fanatic than the divine clarity of the Adepta Sororitas, it is nonetheless inspiring to behold. Penitent characters may re-roll any failed Charm Test to inspire religious fervour or righteous hatred in others.
Starting Wounds: Penitent characters increase their starting Wounds by +2.

Starting fate: