GM “Skulking city”


Non-imperial habitat: Machine city of ANGELs
Description: Ancient grand cruiser from the dark age of technology that crash landed to surface of the planet. Refitted by ANGELS autonomous servants to moving citadel of arcane and forbidden technological secrets.
Population: 0
Cultural specialities:


Speed: — ManoeuvrabilityDetection:
ArmourVoid ShieldsHull Integrity:
Space: PowerTurret Rating:
Weapon Capacity:

Essential components:
Black hole core Military configuration
Ancient life sustainer
Geller field
Triple void shield array
System ruler HQ
Luxury living quarters
Deep void augur array

Supplemental components:
Nano machine hull
Reclamation facility
Incubation hall
Advanced mediacae bay
Star chart vault
Storage hold and lighter bay
Main storage fold
Salvage systems
Auto-stabilised logis targetter
Satellite bay
Murder servitors
Autonomous combat unit (Men of iron)
Autonomous resource harvester unit (Beetles of iron)
Autonomous medicae unit (Nannybot)


Torpedos, macrobattery broadsidex2, black hole generator

– It is the Skulking City’s ancient life support system powered by black hole generator that generates Terran atmosphere to the entire planet. If the Skulking City is destroyed human life cannot survive on the planet outside of habitats.
-If player characters fuck up with black hole generator there is good chance of imploding whole Gravis Minor.

Notable characters

Skulking city troops:
Immobilizer, scout with haywire grenade launcher and scrapcode emitter, flying
Lacerator, Plasma mandibles and chain teeth, multiple legs and storage belly
Punctuator, Heavy weapon (Neutron laser), tracks and targeting auspex