GM “Scutum”

SCUTUMClass: Major asteroid UT-518, rock
Description: Hollowed out giant asteroid with xenos structures
Size: Small
Gravity: None
Atmosphere: None
Anomalies: Xeno artefacts, ancient xeno infrastructure, exotic minerals (psycrystal)
Notes: Habitat is protected from psychic payload of the sun of the system by psycrystal shards embedded in xenos buildings at the asteroid.

Founded under Chorda Rogue Trader warrant to study and exploit xenos at Koronus expanse. Official legitimization is to contact with Stryxis to find out technology they are using to blockade Eldar from several star systems. This contact operation is smokescreen to immense drug deals between Stryxis and Chorda dynasty. Pandarus Scholar and Quintus Xeno Legatus are sacrificial stooges from Chorda dynasty perspective.

Notable characters:
Pandarus, Scholar
-Studies the extinct native xeno race
Quintus, Diplomat of Chorda dynasty
-Contacts Stryxis star vessel when it arrives to star system
Serobyn, secretive High-tech prospector
-Near heretek adjustments on her gear.
-Independent shadow operative giving assistance to Chorda dynasty.
“If I turn the power on without preparing for the consequences I should not turn the power on.”

Speed: — ManoeuvrabilityDetection:
ArmourVoid ShieldsHull Integrity:
Space: PowerTurret Rating:
Weapon Capacity:
Crew rate:

Power output: +90 – Consumption: 42 = +55 reserve
Space used: 43

Essential components:
Plasma core Industrial configuration Pow:+90 Space: 12
Single void shield array Pow: 5 Space: 1
Exploration HQ, Pow: 4 Space: 2
M-1.r Life sustainer, Av: Scarce Pow: 4 Space: 2
Pressed-population quarters, Av: Scarce Pow: 2 Space: 3
R-50 Auspex Multi-band, Av: Scarce Pow: 4 Space: 0

Supplemental components:
Cargo hold and lighter bay Pow: 1 Space: 2
Promenade Pow: 1 Space: 3
Armored gate Pow: – Space: 2
Fire suppression system Pow: 2 Space: 4
Hydrapuran jamming system Pow: 4 Space: 0
Laboratorium Pow: 2 Space: 1
Sensorium Pow: 1 Space: 1
Xenos librarium Pow: 1 Space: 1
Vivarium Pow: 1 Space: 1
Trophy room Pow: 1 Space: 1 (Hidden)
Xeno ruins Pow: 0 Space: 3 (Hidden)
Vivisectionist deck Pow: 1 Space: 1 (Hidden)
Xeno habitat Pow: 2 Space: 1 (Hidden)
Shadowblind bays, Pow: 3 Space: 4 (Hidden)

Xeno: Energy drain matrix Pow: 3 Space: 1
Xeno: Energy weapon Epsilon Pow: 1 Space: 4