GM Scions of Iron Sphere

General Knowledge

The Scions of the Iron Sphere are a brotherhood of rabidly devoted adepts who look upon the Omnissiah as the pinnacle of human evolution and development, and see all flesh as not only a weakness in the face of time and adversity, but as a prop that keeps Mankind from achieving his full potential. The Scions believe that the Adeptus Mechanicus alone has been vouchsafed the future of humanity, and, in fact, they see all other humans as an inferior sub-species, an evolutionary dead end that has proven itself too weak to deserve the Omnissiah’s blessing. This sect is not formally recognized within the halls of the Nidus Omega, but nevertheless wields a surprising amount of power within the inner sanctums of the Mechanicus Calixis.

The devotion of the Scions of the Iron Sphere is such that most ascendant adepts of the order undergo a procedure known as the Rite of Pure Thought, in which the right lobe of their brain is removed, and replaced with a bank of cogitators and micro data-stacks to enhance the adept’s ability to process and store information, while removing the distractions of emotion and the false paths of creative thought. Those Scions who have undergone the procedure epitomize the cold, detached persona that many followers of the Omnissiah project, save that the Scions are actually incapable of human warmth or original thought.

The Scions of the Iron Sphere hold to the belief that no agreement with other human agencies need be honored; after all, there can be no binding agreements between thinking men and unreasoning animals. This aspect of the Scions’ belief system is the best-kept secret of their fellowship. If the agents of the Sector Governor or the Holy Ordos should ever become aware of the cult’s beliefs and influence, the damage to relationships that are essential to the operation of the Lathe Worlds would be incalculable.