GM Penitus Balteus

Class: Asteroid Belt
Size: Huge
Atmosphere: None
Anomalies: Xeno artifacts, archaotech, exotic minerals (psycrystal)

Void born clans

Imperial sub-society born around deep space miner population.

-Growing up in low gravity, poor atmosphere and unshielded of radiation from space causes high percentage of children be born with minor and major mutations. Same conditions cause gradual mutations in adults.
-Because of high risk of mutation Void born clans have developed some levee on minor mutations but also strong social self-regulation of rampant mutations.
-Among clans of Nimbus Extern midwife Ugrippa is known to handle mutated pregnancies and after birth executions.
-Divided to several competing clans. Void union and Bethel clan being strongest at the system.

Penitus Balteus

-Drawn to system by adamantium rush of early decades of exploration of the system.
-Clans arrival to system facilitated by Chorda dynasty
-Clans united by deep faith to imperial s Confederation of light and form united social hierarchy around Relics and Saint of Sphaera Imperator.

Void Union

-Independence movement of the void born clans to fight against oppression of Chorda rogue trader dynasty aka “The Company“.

“No justice, just us.”

To create influence enough to buy merchant charter rights from Ultima Tectum to Calixis Sector and become Merchant house acknowledged by the Imperium.
To unite Void born clans scattered on Ultima Tectum

Conspiracy structure

Straw bosses
-Leaders of the Void Union,
-Influential among several void born clans

Mine men
-Contact between upper and lower hierarchy of the conspiracy.
-Avaritas, Sphaera Imperator, Scutum, Gaudimonium, Gravis Minor

Chain holders
-Cell leaders

Notable characters

Gurney, Young and angry cell leader
-Father was forcibly lobotomized by Fornius at Avaritas with 15 other prominent Void clan leaders. Instance is called as “Execution of 16” among void clans of Peniteus Balteus.