GM Pauperpolis


Class: Major comet UT-192 at steady orbit
Size: Huge
Gravity: None
Atmosphere: None
Habitat: Arcology
Anomalies: Cold trade – archaotech

Notable characters
Solomon, Imperial enforcer

Power output: +30 – Consumption: 26 = +4 Reserve
Space used: 31

Essential components:
Fission core Heretek configuration Pow: +30 Space: 4, tinkered cooling exhausts
Clan-kin quarters Pow: 2 Space: 5
Criminal HQ Pow: 1 Space: 1
Heretek life sustainer Pow: 5 Space: 2 , innovated by habitats tech heads. Combined mining laser and atmospheric processor which is constantly fed with ice.

Supplemental components:
Cloud mining facility Pow: 3 Space: 4
Cargo hold and lighter bay Pow: 2 Space: 1
Shadowblind bay Pow: 3 Space: 4 (Hidden) In use by Solomon
Hidden cargo storage Pow:1 Space: 2 (Hidden) Unclaimed stash of potent drugs and medicines, some experimental/heretical.
Recovery chambers Pow: 3 Space: 1

Nova cannon Pow: 6 Space: 7

-Year 1: Habitat has become center of archaotech and weapon sales after Solomon took over the habitat by mandate of arbitrator Mordechai. Greatest profit habitat has gained from selling atomic torpedoes to Antiquarian Varrius, Canor Sol.

-Year: 1 Ranulf, The Prophet of Alkaline Spring was executed by Solomon but not before he was able implant believes of health of alkaline water and mutation removing algae nutrition.