GM NPC Victoria Aldrich

inquisitor 2

Inquisitor Ordo Malleus

Victoria Aldrich has never been a woman to take her work lightly.
Even as a lowly acolyte, Aldrich was well known for her verve
and vigor. Her master, a venerable and cunning Ordo Hereticus
Inquisitor named Yusuph Trevar, brought Aldrich under his wing
specifically for the enthusiasm with which she approached the
job of rooting out heretical and daemonic infestation. Trevar
had spent his centuries-long career battling the horrors of the
warp with his wits, outsmarting his foes, and annihilating them
with arcane sciences and his immense psychic power. A zealot
like Aldrich was the perfect counterbalance to his methodical
trickery. After years in Trevar’s service, the bombastic and learned
acolyte had learned much of her master’s ways and tempered
her enthusiasm with cunning and planning, while retaining the
gusto which was her hallmark. Aldrich is now an Inquisitor in
her own right with over a century of service to her credit. She
continues to hound the spawn of Chaos with energy and ardour,
bringing the full weight of her Inquisitorial position and her
substantial personal prowess to bear on the enemies of man.
As an upfront sort of Inquisitor, avoiding the secretive tactics
of the skulking investigators among her brethren, Aldrich enjoys
the full support of her Ordo and regularly avails herself of their
armouries. While only rarely necessary, Victoria will not shirk
from invoking the Malleus Remit to conscript the aid of whatever
military forces and requisition whatever armament necessary to
halt a warp incursion or lay waste to a daemonic beachhead in
realspace. Though she spends much of her time pursuing and
eliminating cults and foul plots against the forces of the Ruinous
Powers on Imperial worlds, she has never shirked from battling
the malefi c and daemonic directly. On the battlefield, Aldrich is
an intimidating figure. A tall woman, just under two metres, she
wears her characteristic storm-coat (concealing protective mesh
armour and other, more esoteric defences) and wielding a broad
power-spear—a powerful relic of a bygone age—Aldrich moves
with confident purpose in battle. Snapping orders over the hiss
of her plasma pistol, she charges into the ranks of Hellblade wielding
Bloodletters or cavorting Horrors of Tzeentch with
abandon, sending them back to the hellish pit from which they
were spawned.
Aldrich has survived countless battles against the lesser
minions of Chaos, engagements which many say she had no
business winning. Aldrich has come to rely on this good fortune,
hurling herself into conflicts which seem hopeless, trusting in
the Emperor to protect her as she sets about the enemies of
the Imperium. Against the more powerful servants of the Dark
Powers, Aldrich takes a more pragmatic approach, learned from
her one-time master, Trevar. She treats each as a true threat to
mankind and gathers as much information as possible about her
target, that she may face her foe as well prepared as possible,
confronting them with sacred chants, holy weapons, and prayers
sure to contain or banish the hellish entity.

Victoria Aldrich (Master)

58 58 45 45 31 56 57 54 42 – –
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Inf

Movement: 3/6/9/18 Wounds: 35
Armour: Concealed Mesh (5 All) Total TB: 4
Fate Points: 4
Skills: Athletics (S), Awareness (Per)+10, Command (Fel)
+20, Common Lore (War, Imperium, Ecclesiarchy) (Int),
Dodge (Ag)+20, Forbidden Lore (Warp, Daemons, Psykers)
(Int), Interrogation (WP) +20, Linguistics (Int), Parry
(WS)+30, Psyniscience (Per) +20.

Talents: Air of Authority, Crippling Strike, Crushing
Blow, Hatred (Daemons), Iron Discipline, Into the Jaws of
Hell, Lightning Attack, Nerves of Steel, Resistance (Psychic
Powers), Psy Rating 4, Swift Attack, True Grit.
Weapons: Anointed Plasma Pistol (Pistol; 40m; S/2/—,
1d10+8; Pen 8; Clip 20; Rld 4 Full; Proven 4, Maximal,
Sanctified, Never Overheats), The Twice-Blessed Spear
(1d10+10 R, Pen 12, Balanced, Force, Sanctified).
Gear: 2 Plasma Pistol Clips, Sanctified Field (Field Rating
50, Overloads on a 01), Inquisitorial Rosette
Psychic Powers: Victoria Aldrich possess all of the psychic
powers from the Telekinesis Discipline (see page 225). In
addition, she possess the Nemesis Hammer Hand Psychic
Nemesis Hammer Hand: The Pysker hardens her muscles
and brings down the wrath of the God-Emperor of Mankind
in powerful strikes with her melee weapon. This is a Psychic
Power that requires a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test,
requires a Half Action to manifest and is a Free Action to
Sustain. While active, this power adds 4 to the Unnatural
Strength trait of any ally within 10 metres.
Inquisitorial Mandate: Harsh and powerful is the
Inquisition, and Victoria Aldrich wields that power as deftly
as she wields her spear. As a Free Action or Reaction she may
spend one Fate Point to allow all allies benefiting from her
Into the Jaws of Hell Talent to make an additional Attack
Action during their turn (they may still only make two Half
Actions or one Full Action).