GM NPC Ranulf


Ranulf, energetic Prophet of Alkaline Springsranulf
-Disciple of Nytram
-Unnatural stamina, unnatural agility
-After dedicating himself to Nytram Red-Handed through ritual suicide he is able to resurrect from depths of alkaline pressure and send his physical simulacrum across the system.

-Ranulf has infected Canor Sol and Pauperpolis with Alkaline water cult. It will lead to increase of sickness and mutation at those habitats. Canor Sol: Stage 1 Pauperpolis: Stage 1 Nothus: Stage 3

Stage 1, The cult infiltrates to society

Stage 2, Residents of the habitat actively seek help of the cult

Stage 3, The cult openly preaches it’s doctrine at the habitat

Stage 4, The cult starts to control population of the habitat purging non-believers

Stage 5, The cult controls the habitat,

Has ascended to lesser daemon to serve Nytram

WS 55  BS 32  S 37   T 47(8)  Ag 55 Int 61 Per 47 WP 44  Fel 58 (10)

Movement:  Wounds: 16 TB:  Armor: 3 (all locations) clothes hardened by alchymical residues

Skills: acrobatics, awareness, barter +10, carouse, charm +10, chem-use, ciphers (daemons, underworld), Common lore (Underworld, Imperium), concealment +10, contortionist, deceive +20, disguise +10, dodge, forbidden lore warp +20, gamble, intimidate, invocation, literacy, performer, scrutiny +10, search, Secret Tongue (Daemons), Shadowing, Silent Move, Scholastic Lore (Chymistry +20, Occult +20), Sleight of Hand, 
Air of Authority, Cold Hearted, Demagogue, Hatred (Yves-Xavier), Sorcerer, Unnatural intelligence, Unnatural Fellowship

Unnatural powers: Potion of vigour: remove fatigue, gain corruption. Potion of healing: remove wounds, gain corruption. Potion of weakened will:
Equipment: stub pistol, lho-sticks, potion ingredients,
Origin: Hive world
Demeanor: Energetic, careless,
Nature: Devoted, devious
Authority: Minor daemon of the warp, pledged to Nytram Red-handed
Goal: To help Nytram to fulfill his goal, murder .
Fear: Death of Nytram
Allies and enemies: A: Yves/Xavier
Insanity: NA
Corruption: NA

Daemonic Trait
Daemonic creatures are creatures of the warp, but can manifest in realspace either through sheer strength of will, hunger or occult rituals. Creatures with this Trait double their Toughness Bonus
against all Damage, except for Damage inflicted by force weapons, Psychic Powers, holy attacks or other creatures with this Trait.
Daemonic creatures are also immune to poison and disease.

AIR OF AUTHORITY Black Crusade page
Tier: 1
Prerequisite: Fellowship 30
The character was born to command, either motivating or terrifying those under their charge. When making Command Skill Tests, the character may affect a number of targets equal to 10 times his Fellowship bonus. If the character has Minions (see page 135) they are also more devoted to him and add +10 to their Loyalty when in his presence. This talent has no effect on hostile targets, and only affects NPCs.

COLD HEARTED Black Crusade page 120
Tier: 1
Prerequisite: None
The character is almost devoid of sentiment or physical lusts and is seldom swayed by the emotions of others, almost to an unnatural degree. Seduction attempts against him automatically fail, and he gains a +20 to his Willpower when making Opposed Tests against an opponent using the Charm Skill. Taking this Talent gives the character one Corruption Point.

DEMAGOGUE Black Crusade page 122, Edited for Ultima Tectum campaign
Prerequisite: Air of Authority
The character has learned the techniques required to influence large audiences. When the character uses the Charm or Intimidate Skill to affect more than one person they may affect up to a 100 times his Fellowship Bonus.

RADIANT PRESENCE Black Crusade page 130
Prerequisite: Fellowship 30
There is something wondrous and bewitching about the character, the way he holds himself and the look in his eyes that puts people at ease, blurring their minds and drawing their focus like moths to a flame. Everyone within 20 metres that can see the character feels a touch of euphoria just by being near him and suffer lessened effects from things that would upset of distress them. Those affected gain a +10 to Willpower Tests to resist Fear or against Intimidation attempts. This ability affects all those close to the character indiscriminately, though not the character himself.

Sorcerer (Talent) Disciples of Dark Gods page 117
Prerequisites: Intelligence 35, Willpower 35, Forbidden Lore (Warp or Daemonology) +10 or Scholastic Lore (Occult) +10. You may utilise the powers of sorcery and channel the power of the warp through a combination of esoteric lore, skill, and focused will. You count as having an effective Psy Rating of 2 (roll 2d10, etc.) and may learn a number of Arcana powers equal to three times your Willpower bonus, with Major powers counting as two powers each, without the necessity of further Talents.
When choosing Arcana powers, you are not bound by a particular type of power (such as the psyker Discipline framework), as sorcery is a fragmented and contradictory business. Characters, however, can only fill these power slots by seeking and mastering the rituals independently (either by
dangerous experimentation, ancient lore, or dark bargains) and cannot be develop them naturally.

SACRIFICE TO NYTRAM Black Crusade page 131, edited for Ultima Tectum campaign
Prerequisite: Sorcerer
Nytram Redhanded demands blood and sacrifice from his minions and followers. Those, with the Sacrifice Talent, may ritually prepare and slay a sacrificial victim (which must be a human or intelligent xenos). It takes a Forbidden Lore (Warp) Skill Test, taking 2d5 minutes to prepare and anoint a bound and helpless sacrificial victim.
Once prepared, it takes a Full Round action to slay the victim. In the subsequent turn, Nytram Redhanded gains a +5 bonus to his Focus Power Test for every Degree of Success scored on Forbidden Lore (Warp) Skill Test. In addition, should any Psychic Phenomena or Perils of the Warp occur, the effects are focused through the dying victim. Any effects that would normally affect the Nytam Redhanded instead cause the body to burn to ash in a blaze of iridescent warp-flame, dealing 1d10 Energy Damage to anyone within three metres of the victim (gaining the Warp Weapon trait and increasing the area to a five-metre radius if it was caused by Perils of the Warp).

Sublime Arts (Talent) Disciples of Dark Gods page 117
Prerequisites: Perception 40, Intelligence 45, Sorcerer.
You may utilize your sorcery without the usual needs for obvious vocalisations, gestures, and the like, simply enacting the patterns needed mentally by sheer dint of concentration and unyielding mental strength. However, the Threshold of Arcana powers used this way is increased by an additional +2

The character is fanatically devoted to Nytram and would gladly die in his name. Whenever the Nytram would be hit by a ranged attack any of his Minions can make an Agility Test if they are no further away from him than their Agility Bonus in metres. If they pass the test then they suffer the hit instead as they have thrown themselves in front of their master, and all the hits effects are worked out against the Minion. Provided they are close enough any number of Minions may try to protect the character in this way—forming a human shield against harm.
This Talent only works with Minions and not allied PCs or NPCs no matter how favourably they view the character!

Alternate Names: Repulsive Shield, Mantle of Esh’raiik, Bulwark of Detestation
Action: Half Action
Focus Power: Challenging (+0) Willpower Test
Range: Self
Sustained: Half Action
Subtype: Concentration
Description: The Sorcerer’s tainted soul draws to it the denizens of the warp, who clamour to his presence. At his command, they can press against the skin of reality, their shrieks and howls and the visions they inflict horrific to behold. Few beings have the mental fortitude to gaze upon a being surrounded by a cacophonous swarm of daemons, disrupting their ability to target him.
While this power remains in effect, any creature attempting to target the Sorcerer with any form of attack must attempt a Willpower Test, with a –5 times the Sorcerer’s Psy Rating penalty. If the attacker succeeds at this test, he may attack as normal. However, failure means that his revulsion prevents him attacking. He may choose another target to attack instead.
Psychic Phenomena: The pressure of daemonic horde tearing at the fabric of existence thins the veil, making it risky for psykers to draw too deeply from the warp. While this power remains in effect, any psyker within 30m must add +20 to all rolls on the Psychic Phenomena table (including
any generated by this power).

SOUL-BOUND TO NYTRAM Black Crusade page , edited for Ultima Tectum campaign
The soul of this creature is bound to a powerful daemon, in return for a measure of protection. When this Trait is first gained, the entity to which the soul is bound must be decided.
Chaos Sorcerers may be bound to one of the Ruinous Powers or a particular daemon. A soul-bound sorcerer at presence of Nytram may roll an additional die when forced to roll on the Perils of the Warp table, discarding whichever one he chooses to get a more favourable result. (Essentially, he may replace either the ones die or the tens die with the extra die he rolls) A soul-bound character is permanently indebted to the entity, which undoubtedly entails all manner of other duties and consequences.

Minor arcana

Whispers of the Warp
Threshold: 11
Focus Time: Half Action
Sustain: Yes
Range: Earshot
The echoing whispers of the warp amplify your persuasive abilities to preternatural levels.
Anyone who hears and understands the sorcerer must pass an opposed Willpower Test with the sorcerer (who rolls once and applies the result to all Tests) or become vulnerable to your
suggestions, granting you a +10 bonus to any Charm, Intimidate, or Deceive Tests against your audience.
Note: This power is not a true form of direct mind control but can be used to overcome good sense, sow discord, alleviate just suspicion, and stoke the fires of hatred.
Overbleed: For every 10 points that the power’s Threshold is exceeded, a further +10 bonus to Skill Tests is gained to a maximum of +30.
Special: This power requires no gesture or component other than that the victims must be able to hear and understand the sorcerer.

New talents for Martyn after the adventure:

Prerequisite: Fellowship 45, Infamy 30
Though various means the character has acquired a Minion. Such a Minion is less powerful than the character, though tougher than most and come in a variety of forms such as a disturbing wyrd sorcerer, a well-trained traitor guardsman, or a bloodthirsty alien mercenary. Details on creating a Minion can be found on page 135. This talent may be taken more than once, each time adding another Minion to the character’s retinue.

Prerequisite: Minion of Chaos
The character’s Minions are fanatically devoted to him and would gladly die in his name. Whenever the character would be hit by a ranged attack he can make an Agility Test for any of his Minions
which are no further away from him than his Agility Bonus in metres. If he passes the test then they suffer the hit instead as they have thrown themselves in front of their master, and all the hits effects are worked out against the Minion. Provided they are close enough any number of Minions may try to protect the character in this way—forming a human shield against harm.
This Talent only works with Minions and not allied PCs or NPCs no matter how favourably they view the character!

WARP LOCK Black Crusade page
Prerequisite: Psy Rating, Strong Minded, Willpower 50 The character has learned to swiftly cut himself off from the warp to protect himself from harm and cocoon his mind against the worst of its effects. Once per game session the character may ignore a Psychic Phenomenon result he has rolled (including a result which would indicate rolling on the Perils of the Warp Table) completely negating its effects. Such rapid dislocation from the warp is stressful and traumatic to the character’s mind, however, and he suffers 1d5 Damage (not reduced by armour or Toughness) as a result, and may
not make any Focus Power Tests or sustain other Psychic Powers until the beginning of his next Turn.

Prerequisite: Psy Rating
As a realm of coherent thought and tangible emotion, the warp
is infl uenced by the minds of mortals. Using complex formulae
and ritualistic incantations to focus and direct thoughts, a
mortal mind can exert infl uence over the Immaterium more
easily. However, the tiniest slip in focus and concentration, the
slightest mispronunciation in the incantation, can result in the
warp being unleashed in a dangerous and destructive manner.
Using a power with an incantation increases the Focus Power
Test by a Half Action, as the psyker requires a few moments to
speak the required words. Powers for which the Focus Power
Test takes a Reaction cannot be used with an invocation. Using
a power with an invocation grants the psyker a +1 bonus to his
IV: Talents and Traits
Psy Rating, after determining Psychic Strength. This bonus to
PR does not influence the Psychic Strength in any way; their
benefi t is applied after determining whether a power is used
at the Unfettered, Fettered or Push level. However, the psyker
must add +20 to any roll on the Psychic Phenomena table.
Finally, any result of 91 or higher on the Focus Power Test is
an automatic failure that results in Perils of the Warp.