GM NPC Nytram Redhanded

Nytram’s form in Materium

Marktün’s daemon twin

Ny’tram Red-handed, Twin deamon of Martün Underberg, Warp
-Equal stats with Martün, +1 psyrate,
-Warpshadow of Martüns quilt of patricide

-Dark faith
-Patron: Undivided chaos

-Wants to ascend by killing Martün

-Requires regular sacrifice of twins to gain power.

-Seeks apprentices to make sacrifices of twins.

-Seeks for daemon weapon.
-Acts as mentor for cultists across Ultima Tectum.

nytram 3
Nytram’s form in Immaterium

-Cannot enter:
Ultima Minor because of protection granted by nano-crystals.
Gravis major because of annual usharillo rituals of Huwan tribes
Cannot enter Vallum because of Geller field
Cannot enter Semis because of Geller field
Ranulf, Prophet of Alkaline Springs
“Spacer”, Peniteus Balteus

Lost memories of Martün

-Prophetic vision being chained to the golden throne.
-Strangling his twin brother when they were fetuses at the womb.
-Creation of Shadow twin to Immaterium and pouring half of his powers to it.
-Murder of Father
-Murder of Mother
-Watching through the opening of warp

WS   BS   S      T   Ag   Int     Per   WP      Fel

nytram 2
Nytram’s form at the warp rift of blue giant sun

59     25    39   45  40   37(6)   54    54(10)   20

Movement:  Wounds: 31 TB: 4 Armor:

Psyrating: 5 (always 1 higer than Martün’s)

Skills: Awareness (Per), Psyniscience (Per), Forbidden Lore (Warp, Daemonology) (Int), Secret Tongue (Daemonic) (Int) +20, and Speak Language (Gothic) (Int), Dodge +10 (Ag), Awareness +10 (Per), scrutinity (Per),

Traits: Daemonic, Daemonic Presence, Fear 1, From Beyond, Natural Weapon (Teeth and Claws), and Warp Instability, Fear 2+1+1,

Talents: Ambidextrous, Dark Sight, Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee), Swift Attack, Heightened Sense (Sight), Unnatural willpower (x2), unnatural fellowship (x2),

Daemonic presence

All creatures within 20 metres take a -10 penalty to Willpower Tests.


Warp Eyes: The Daemon has unearthly eyes. Effect: The Daemon gains the Heightened Sense (Sight) Talent and increases its Fear Rating by 1 (to a maximum of 4

Bizarre Visage: There is something terrifying and wrong about the Daemon’s head. Effect: Characters must re-roll successful Fear Tests caused by this Daemon.

Ghastly Maw: The Daemon’s mouth is an unspeakable abomination.Effect: The Daemon gains a +3 to damage when attacking with its natural weapons or a daemonic weapon, and increases its Fear Rating by 1 (to a maximum of 4).

Patron gifts

Hypnotic Movement: The Daemon beckons lithely and seductively, its movement ; supernaturally enthralling. As a Half Action the Daemon may make an Opposed Fellowship vs Willpower Test with any character within eyesight. If the target fails he is stunned for 1d5 rounds , and this stun effect cannot be negated by, use of t he Iron Jaw Talent. A character may only be a victim of this attack once per encounter

Warp Staff: The Daemon carries a crescent-moon staff that writhes with Warp energy to bring ruin upon the hapless denizens of the material realm

Warp staff Melee Dam: 1d10 I Pen: 0 Balanced, Special† 3kg Very Rare

This rod of glimmering metal is studded with shining iconography (typically the crescent moon) and engraved with runes that defy sight. The Warp Staff is a powerful tool in the hands of the herald, allowing him to wield Psychic Powers and Sorcery with reckless abandon.Any daemon or sorcerer wielding the staff does not suffer Psychic Phenomena. Instead, every time the wielder would cause a Psychic Phenomenon, they add their Psy Rating to the damage of the next Psychic Power they manifest. If the next Psychic Power would not deal damage, this bonus is lost until the next Psychic Phenomenon would be caused.

Master Sorcerer: The Daemon is a master sorcerer, with an expanded array of Psychic Powers. The Daemon’s Psy Rating increases by 1. The daemon is a master of Psychic Discipline Telepathy and knows all Powers within that Discipline and gains the Discipline Focus Talent for the chosen Psychic Discipline.


Object-Bound: The daemon is tied to body of Martün Underberg. The holder of the object gains power over the daemon as if invoking its True Name. If the object is destroyed the daemon is cast back into the Warp. Anyone with a sufficient knowledge of the Occult (a Hard (-20) Scholastic Lore (Occult) Test) may alter the artefact so that the daemon is trapped completely within it (or they may free the daemon from the object entirely)
Allies and enemies: