GM NPC Louvenia Galustian

Common knowledge

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WS 37  BS 46  S  43  50  Ag 29 Int 56 Per 53 WP 46 Fel 33

Movement: 2/4/8/16 Wounds: 13 Armor:

Skills: Awarenes, Ciphers (Navis Nobilitae), Common lore (Navis Nobilitae, Imperial Navy), Forbidden Lore (Navigators +10, Warp), Literacy, Navigation (Stellar, Warp +10), Psyniscience, Scholastic Lore (Astromancy), Secret Tongue (Navigator), Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic), Trade (Astrographer +10)

Talents: Disturbing Voice, Hatred (Chaos Reavers), Navigator, Navigator Power (Gaze in the Abyss, The Lidless Stare, Tracks in the Stars, Voidwatcher), Exotic Weapon Training (Shuriken Pistol), Peer (Winterscale Dynasty), Pistol Weapon Training (Universal),


Equipment: Archeotech helmet, Staff of grounding, Heavy robes, Shuriken pistol


  • Constant Stare: chaos reavers removed her eye-lid for the third eye when she was captured by them she cannot remove her archeotech helmet without exposing others to The Lidless Stare.
  • Destitute: The navigator’s fortunes are so low that he has little or nothing and is initially a drain on the resources of his fellows. The presence of a navigator from a Shrouded Lineage reduces the group’s starting Profit Factor by –1.
  • A Gaze to Pierce the Soul: The Navigator has a keen understanding of a person’s relationship to the warp born of enforced self-reliance and bitter musings. The Navigator begins play with Gaze into the Abyss as a bonus power. In addition, he may raise this ability above Master to Paragon (the xp cost is the same as to raise to Master) giving him a +30 bonus on all tests with this power.
  • Mercantile Opportunists: Raised in a volatile atmosphere where the need for profit and advancement outweighed all other concerns, these Navigators have had to learn the hard way the skills of hard bargaining and contract hunting—needs most of their kind are normally sheltered from. The Navigator gains a +10 bonus to tests with the Barter, Charm and Carouse Skills.
  • Initial Mutation: Navigators from a Shrouded House begin play with a single Navigator Mutation rolled randomly from Table 7-1: Navigator Mutations. They may develop additional mutations as normal when they acquire new Navigator Powers or increase their mastery of existing powers.

Origin: Shrouded House Demeanor: Nature: Authority: Goal: Fear: Allies and enemies: Insanity: Corruption: