GM Luxium


Unpronounceable vile xeno psyker: +10 Psyscience, +5 Ballistic skill, Dark faith 1
-Nearest way to express his name is to have cold shivers.
-Follows his dark faith. Seeks for the daemon master. Has been promised by Nytram Red-handed many wonderful things for the xeno warp launcher.
-Crystal sword d1d10+2+ Psyrate of wielder (As power weapon but chance to destroy opponents weapon 25%)

-Known stats: WS 45 WP 66, Psyscience +10, Parry basic skill ,

Psyrate: 5 Techniques: Telekinesis, Telepathy
-Dark whisper: causes fear and corruption targeted vocalization (cone) Psyrate x 5 meters.
-Choking phantasmal: stamina versus choking, targeted to individual, if pushed then radius 10 m.