GM “Lair of Ugrippa”

Comet habitat
Low gravity

Notable characters:
Veiled Ugrippa, Mystic, daemonologist and former agent of inquisition Andrukas Naser (Dead inquisitor)
Acolyte Thalia

Power output: + – Consumption: =

Essential components:
Fusion core Heretical configuration
Hexagrammatic warding (Warp’s bane hull)
Strelov warp engine, heretical configuration
Psykana HQ
Xeno (Eldar) atmosphere generator Pow: 4 Space: 1
Cold quarters
W-240 passive detection array

Imperial figurehed: Emperor with scales

Supplemental components:
Cargo hold and lighter bay
Warp sextant
Null bay
Habitat’s stores
Hexagrammatic circle
Daemonology librarium

Large xeno crystal, psy focus. Bought from Petrucchio at Scutum

Living statues

-Former agent of dead Inquisitor Naser, still carrying her signs and warrant working for the Inquisition.

-Founder of coven of seven witches at Footfall

-Witch-wife of Nimbus Extern has lived extensive life through occult rejuvenation and passing time in cryogenic freezing. Her physical age is something over 250 years but she has been alive for over millennia of Imperial history.
-Spiritual leader of Void born clans she encourages moral hygiene and voluntary suicides for mutants.
-Xeno familiar, chameleon like lizard (camouflage, poisonous,) .

Veiled Ugrippa is spiritual and medical author among void clans of Nimbus Extern. She aborts mutated babies, surgically removes mutations and cast out those who are beyond help of her knife. She teaches moral and physical purity to void clans relying on her and she keeps in check their breeding averting void clans to succumbing to sub-humanism and rampant mutations.

At her youth she was able to escape Black Fleet of Skolana Psykae and worked as lay healer. At some point she was forced to bargain with daemon of Tseentch. As she promised her firstborn she never expected it to catch her. But Nytram arrived to her sanctum, breaking through wards as claiming the favor of Tseentch.

Psychic techniques: Divination, void survival and pyromancy
Forbidden lore: daemonology, psykers, warp,
Skills: Occult,
Familiar: Xeno lizard (chameleon, camouflage, poisonous, intelligent)