GM “Labyrinth mountain”


Non-imperial habitat: Archeotech vault
Description: Deeply embedded in bedrock of the planet great fallout shelter from dark age of technology keeps inside it’s inheritors and their secrets.
Population: 3000/1.000.000
Cultural specialties:
-Tech savants
-Robotic servitors
-Master robot hunters

-As war between two ANGELs raged for years on heaven and earth there were need for fleshy servants that could infiltrate and destroy while being immune to weapons most effective against mechanical targets. While matter of whole planet was harnessed to AI power field affector battle AI bound on planet created Fallout shelters to create, clone and hypno-doctrinate human soldiers. of all shelters he created only one survived to fulfill it’s function.  Even after fall of ANGEL 1 they launched successful infiltration  mission and destroyed ANGEL 2.

The Great mask is mechanical cybernetic host still serving it’s master and autonomously continuing fight against opponent perished thousands of years ago.


The Great Mask, parasitic cybernetic organism leading masked tribes

WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel

Talents: Ferric blade, Medicae mechadendrite, optical mechadendrite, Ferric Lure, Ferric Summons, MIU,


Mahcine spirit: Military mind

Past histories: Isolation

Speed: — ManoeuvrabilityDetection:
Armour: 30 Void Shields: 3 Hull Integrity: 100
Space: 100 Power: 100  Turret Rating: 3
Weapon Capacity: 2 dorsal (launch bays)

Essential components:
Anti-Matter core Autonomous configuration
Multiple void shield
Armored command headquarters
Ancient life sustainer
Fallout quarters, bonus against radiation damage.
W–240 Passive Detection Arrays,

Supplemental components:
Fortified rally points
Genetic engineering facility, Best quality
Incubation halls
Advanced medicae bay, Best quality
Datavault, Genetic patterns, Noospheric warfare, Archeotech
Cogitator interlink
Habitat stores
Armored gate, Best quality
Armored walls, Best quality
Reinforced walls
Tenebro Maze
Aqua reservoir
Extended supply vaults
Minefield, Haywire mines
Pneumatic arterial
Population reclamation facility, Best quality
Emergency energy reserve
Fighter bay, Assault boats
Garage, Jetbikes, Robots,
White code generator, to pacify the technosaurs

Hololithic Arena, +10 to crew rate

Scholana progenium: Tactical assault Squad


Tachyon lenses, provide auspex through nano-crystal haze.

Servitor crew


Servitor hordes