GM Graveyard

When invasion fleet of Hegemony of Terra invaded the Ultima Tectum system native xeno race was aware of them. Great fleet of warships were sent to halt advancement of Terran Battleship and two Conquest Planets.

Great battle raged at Nimbus Extern for days and parts of comet cloud is filled with wreckage. Even more dangerous artifacts of past are scattered among remnants of savage destruction: Xenos warp mines, Armed atomic torpedoes, depleted combat robots.

Story threads:

-Retinues shuttle is targeted by damaged combat robot.

-Detonated atomics cause violent changes on trajectories of nearby comets.

-Xeno shipwreck with dangerous and fascinating secrets.
Xeno data crystal, xeno core, xeno warp mines

Story thread: Retinues shuttle stumbles upon damaged but active war machine from dark age of technology. Rips hull open when it attacks inside the shuttle. Several shuttle components critically damaged, shuttle low with vital resources.

Story thread: Retinue locates intact xenos fighter vessel with possible and immensely valuable xenos body inside