GM “Canor sol”

Habitat: Imperial space station
Description: Ancient STC station
Population: 18.000
Cultural specialities:
Winterscale dynasty troops
Void born


Power output: +60 – Consumption: 59= +1 Reserves
Space used: 71

Essential components:
Plasma core Military configuration Pow: +60 Space: 12
Voishield array Pow: 5 Space: 1
Commerce HQ Pow: 3 Space: 1
Imperial quarters Pow: 2 Space: 3
Deep void augur array Pow: 7 Space: 0

Suplemental components:
Luxury quarters Pow: 2 Space: 1
Precinct-Fortress of Arbitrates Pow: 2 Space: 4
Arboretum Pow: 2 Space: 3
Incarceration vault Pow: 1 Space: 1
Main cargo hold Pow: 2 Space: 4
Observation dome Pow: – Space: 1
Promenade Pow: 1 Space: 3
Spacedock pier Pow: 7 Space: 14
Storage hold and lighter bay Pow: 1 Space: 2
Barracks Pow: 2 Space: 4, UNPOWERED, acquired by Judge Mordechai to station arbitrator enforcer and troops.

Ancient life sustainer Pow: 2 Space: 2
Cogitator interlink, Pow: 1 Space: 1 , Unpowered
Gargantuan gellar field, Pow: 15 Space: 0 , Unpowered

Ostensious displays of wealth

Titanforge Lance batter Pow: 13 Space: 6
2 x Mezoa Macrocannons Pow: 2X4=8 Space:2X4=8

Notable characters:

Commander Gurgen
-Commander of the station
-Veteran of Imperial Navy.
Lietnant Patris
-Lieutenant of Chorda shock troops
-Young and idealistic, future captain of Canor Sol
Curatorix Hemlock,
-Security advisor of Winterscale dynasty
-Mastermind behind funding of Void Union at Penitus Balteus
-Best imperial pies
-Menu: Regular, Deep fried and Emperor’s choice (deep fried with unshelled egg inside)
-Center of local gossip
Conciliatorix Arviragus,
-Commercial advisor of Winterscale dynasty
-Mastermind of coming food shortages at Gravis Major.
Electro-Priest Omnisheim,
-Reactor monk
-Member of Levellist’s radical group
-Overprotective of Plasma core of the space station.
-Cold trade operation:
Archaotech: Gravis minor -> Canor Sol -> Imperial navy, Levellist’s radicals
Fastolfe, Bounty hunter,
-Can be hired by burning Tax factor
-Cynical and anti-authoritarian
Varrius, Antiquarian
-Front man of Omnisheim in archaotech deals to Imperial Navy.
-Has his store wired up with archaotech explosives strong enough to destroy entire habitat sector.
-Does not leave from his premises.