GM Aspyce Chorda

General Knowledge

Aspyce Chorda, the third of six children and only daughter of Rogue Trader Hamish Chorda, hails from a
long line of influential voidfarers and star captains, to the infamous privateer Esme Chorda, who helped defeat the space hulk Cauldron of Savagery in 673.M40. Her father, a gregarious rake of expansive size, tastes and personality, was the latest scion of the only Chorda family line to carry an Imperial Warrant of Trade. He was a charitable spendthrift and habitual philanderer with dozens of legitimate and illegitimate children on both sides of the Maw, rapidly squandering the dynasty’s wealth.
From an early age, young Aspyce was a quiet, brooding child given to fits of mania, melancholy, and cruelty. Her behaviour alarmed her parents. At the age of eleven, her father got her a commission in the Imperial Navy, where it was hoped she would either learn to control her daemons or have them beaten out.
Young Midshipman Chorda took to Navy life with alacrity. She quickly gained a reputation among her superiors as a competent and fearless young offi cer with a keen tactical mind. Her blatant disregard for the well-being of the voidmen in her division and her casual attitude toward wholesale slaughter went largely unnoticed among her peers.
Among the voidmen she became known as a brutal tartar, quick with a lash or worse. Her brutality and lack of empathy only served to further her career, and she quickly attained the rank of Lord-Captain, was given a vessel, and dispatched amongst the borders of the Hazeroth Abyss.
On the edge of the Abyss she became a demanding officer who kept her passions tightly in check. While on the whole she was the very model of a faithful and pious Imperial offi cer, her rank and station gave her a taste for power. She pursued larger and more dangerous prizes, tackling pirates and privateers outside her class and jurisdiction. She took to extorting merchantmen, demanding exorbitant sums of “protection money” and turning pirates on them if they refused to pay. She played faster and looser with her commission each day, but as the fi rst investigators of the Fleet Commissariat were dispatched, there came a summons from home.
Her father and oldest brother, the anointed inheritor of the Warrant of Trade, had disappeared along with the
family’s flagship and were to be declared dead. After gaining tacit permission from her immediate superior, Aspyce travelled to her home on Scintilla. Upon arrival she discovered the shocking state of her family’s fortunes. With the death of the primogeniture and her father’s constant dalliances casting doubt on the legitimacy of all of his children, the Chorda Warrant of Trade was temporarily suspended until the question of a legitimate heir could be ironed out. Realising that the succession question could take a generation to answer, and that she would never wield the power and reap the muchneeded benefi ts of the Warrant no matter what the outcome, Lord-Captain Chorda devised a bold plan to cement control of the coveted Warrant of Trade.
Chorda called on powerful contacts she had cultivated within the Imperial Adeptus. Within six months, overwhelming evidence arose indicating the majority of Hamish Chorda’s heirs—save Aspyce—were criminals and heretics. Aspyce’s siblings either vehemently denied the allegations, fled, or both. In an act of “mercy,” the Lord-Captain was charged with hunting her heretical siblings down and bringing then to justice. One by one she found them and made an offer; they could willingly renounce any claim to the Warrant and
be placed in cryovaults, or she would turn them over to the Inquisition. Invariably they chose the former, and within the space of a few short months Lord-Captain Aspyce Chorda found herself holding the Chorda Warrant of Trade.
She resigned her commission in the Imperial Navy and immediately set about putting her family’s ailing fortunes to rights. Her fi rst point of order was to reduce the Dynasty’s financial obligations, and to that end she employed mercenaries and assassins to hunt down and eliminate all of her father’s mistresses and bastard children. Then she expanded her operations into the Koronus Expanse.
Today, Lord-Captain Aspyce Chorda is one of the wealthier and more influential Rogue Traders operating in the Koronus Expanse. She is a hard and dangerous woman who believes that might makes right, and she will stop at nothing to fulfil her desires for wealth, power and acclaim. Whether standing on the bridge of her cruiser Implacable Flame pouring withering broadsides into a rival’s ship or sitting down to negotiate a profitable trade agreement, she is an intense, driven opponent who brooks no insult and grants no quarter.
She is a pale, thin woman of middle age with a queer, lithesome grace that tends to make others ill at ease. Everything about her, from her rare complexion to her odd, graceful bearing, is proof positive of both her wealth and her love of form and finery. While potentially described as handsome, her beauty is marred
by her cold, fl at grey eyes and her thin, bloodless lips that seem unsuited to any expression save frowning or sneering.
Inevitably, she tends towards clothing that is both highly stylised and highly ornate, whether uniforms or formal gowns. Lavishly decorated with medals, ribbons and religious ornaments, her dress is tailored to convey an unmistakable image of power, piety, and wealth: three things to which the Lord-Captain is
deeply attached.