Glimpse from beyond


Elite advance packet

There are things… in the void… that no man should know of, much
less see… I have borne witness to such things, and I now am cursed to
see them always, their visage burned into my memory such that they
scar mind and soul. I am damned, and would wish my fate upon no
other. Beware the world of the dead.
–Last recorded words of Kobras Aquirre, received via Astrotelepathy in 688.M41. Transmission is believed to have originated from within the Hecaton Rifts in 201.M41.

The Koronus Expanse is a haunted and terrible place, where
dead civilisations are buried and madness is as inescapable as
the light of the stars. There are an untold variety of things
within the Expanse that would shatter the minds of men
or leave them as twisted reflections of who and what they
once were. Legends abound of such things, of worlds that
bleed, and the ships of vengeful ghosts, of the fell light and
dreadful silence of the Rifts, shrouded in storm, and of the
dread Yu’vath who once stalked the stars.
In a place so assailed by all manner of accursed and fearful
legends, it is no surprise that the legends themselves carry
within them some fragment of truth. Such truths are terrible
and costly to know, for even the slightest glimpse of the horrors
that birthed these legends is a dangerous thing, vile and deadly
enough to wound the psyche and sear the soul. Those who
bear witness to such impossible horrors seldom survive, and
those who do are not untouched by the experience, their minds
forever more haunted by things that should not be.
Witness to the Accursed
To see beyond the fragile veil of sanity and purity, to catch
even the merest glimpse of things that defy all imagination,
is to suffer great trauma. Those who survive are seldom the
same, both less than they were, and something more.
Some endure with their minds clear, possessed of a strength
and focus that is often startling to those who knew the witness,
yet beneath this apparent strength and vigour is a soul blasted
and scarred, tainted by exposure to one of the nightmares of
the cosmos. Others suffer the wretched maladies of the mind,
no longer certain of the shape or substance of reality or fully
in control of themselves, yet pure of spirit in spite of all they
have seen. Others still see their sanity fracture and their purity
wither in the presence of such horror.
Yet amidst it all comes an insight, an understanding of
the unholy that few possess. With the loss of mind or purity
comes an instinct that defies reason, to understand things
which should not be known. The warped conclusions
of these witnesses are often invaluable to those who must
brave the terrible perils of the Expanse, and servants of the
Inquisition and other organisations charged with facing the
foulest things the galaxy can produce often find use for those
who have witnessed the unholy and survived.
Restrictions: It up to a GM to decide whether or not a
particular encounter is vile and traumatic enough to access
to this Elite Advance Package—but the Explorer must gain
at least 5 Corruption Points or Insanity Points—or a Mental
Disorder or Malignancy—from the experience in order to
take this Elite Advance Package.
Advance Cost: 400xp
Effect: Gain the Unholy Insight trait and a further 2d10
Corruption Points or Insanity Points (GM’s choice). In
addition, the Explorer can spend xp on the Glimpse From
Beyond advances shown on the table below.

Advance Cost

Forbidden lore (Daemonology, Heresy, mutants, Psykers, the Warp
or Xenos) 200
Forbidden lore (Daemonology, Heresy, mutants, Psykers, the Warp
or Xenos) +10 300
Forbidden lore (Daemonology, Heresy, mutants, Psykers, the Warp
or Xenos) +20 400
Disturbing voice 200
Paranoia 200
Peer (The Insane) 200
Resistance (Psychic Techniques) 200
Dark Soul 500
Strong-minded 500
From Beyond 800

Your mind has been touched by something vast and
damning. Whether through soul-scarring clarity or the
vile artifice of an insane mind, you hold secrets that no
human being should ever possess.
Whenever an Explorer with this trait attempts a
Forbidden Lore Test, he can choose to gain a +10 bonus
on the test, as the twisted architecture of his mind sees
patterns that make little sense and come to conclusions
that are disturbingly precise. However, each time the
Explorer gains this bonus, he gains 1 Insanity or 1
Corruption Point (whichever is appropriate). Additionally,
when attempting any Intelligence or Willpower test, the
Explorer may instead substitute his Corruption Point or
Insanity Point total for those Characteristics.