Acquisition of equipment:

-Item can be purchased by burning Tax factor. Scarce cost 1 point of Tax factor and price increases 1 point for each step of harder availability up to unique which costs 5 points of Tax factor.

-Items more common than scarce are automatically available for purchaser with backing of tax factor, just check for speed of delivery is necessary

-Xenotech, archaotech and heretek is only available through Cold trade with exceptions:

Mechanicus contact:  Xenotech, Archeotech
Rogue trader:  Xenotech, Archrotech and Heretek
Imperial navy: Archeotech (ammunition only)
Inquisition: Xenotech, Archeotech and Heretek

ITS = In to the storm
HA = Hostile acquisition
DH2 = Dark heresy 2nd edit.
IH = Inquisitors handbook
LW = Lathe Worlds


Blast Goggles                                    Common, ITS
Rockhound Voidfare Suit               Scarce, ITS
Slip Suit                                             Very rare, ITS
Targetting monocle                        Very rare, ITS

Backpack 2 kg                                  Abundant, DH2
Chameleoline Cloak 0.5 kg            Rare, DH2
Chrono 0 kg                                      Plentiful, DH2
Clothing 2 kg                                    Abundant, DH2
Combat Vest 2 kg                             Scarce, DH2
Concealed Holster 1 kg                  Average, DH2
Deadspace Earpiece —                  Very Rare, DH2
Explosive Collar 3 kg                      Scarce, DH2
Filtration Plugs —                          Common, DH2
Photo-Visors/Contacts 0.5 kg        Scarce, DH2
Preysense Goggles 0.5 kg              Very Rare, DH2
Rebreather 1 kg                              Scarce, DH2
Recoil Glove 0.5 kg                         Rare, DH2
Respirator/Gas Mask 0.5 kg         Average, DH2
Survival Suit —                              Average, DH2
Synskin 2 kg                                   Very Rare, DH2
Void Suit 8 kg                                  Scarce, DH2

Hive world gear, IH

Axe-Rake 20 4kg                            Abundant
Cognomen Varies —                     Plentiful
Forgery Kit 400 Varies                 Scarce
Gloom Eyes 300 —                       Very Rare (elsewhere)
Heretic’s Wake Deck 10 —         Scarce
Holo Wafer 5 —                            Scarce
Mantle Shrine 30 1-kg                 Abundant
Ocular Catechizer 250 —            Scarce
Penthrift Dreadfuls 1 —             Average
Salvation Auger
— Basic 20 —                                 Common
— Superior 80 —                           Average
Vox-Phonograph 200 20kg         Average
Cylinder 20+ 1kg                         Common
— Short-Range 500 0.5kg            Rare
— Long-Range 3,000 15kg          Rare
Ward Accessor 25 —                 Average

Forge World Gear, IH

Cogitator Emplaced 4,000+ 100kg+                    Average
— Personal 750 1.5kg                                             Average
Grey Device 500 3kg                                             Rare
Holo-Projector 3,000 40kg                                   Scarce
Hyper-Density Penetrators 100ea —                 Rare
Isotropic Fuel Rods 5,000 10kg                           Average
Lathe Blade 2,500+ —                                           Very Rare
Opus Machina 1,500 0.5kg                                   Tech-Priest Only
Greater 12,000 0.5kg                                             Tech-Priest Only
Tempest Bolt Shells 250ea —                              Very Rare
The Tears of the Dragon 6,000 —                       Very Rare

Frontier Gear And Tools, IH

Aerial Pinions
4 line 300 10kg                                         Scarce
6 line 500 15kg                                         Rare
Beetle Tent:
— 3 Person 60 5kg                                    Common
— 6 Person 100 10kg                                Scarce
Extra Armour 80 +8kg                            Rare
Calixis Survival Kit 120 –                       Average
Camp Warders 310 4kg                          Rare
Redole Re-breather 250 1kg                  Rare
Poi-Savant 300 –                                      Rare
Shade-Servitor 400 3kg                          Rare
Sky Eye 1,500 4kg case                           Very Rare
Thermal Gloves 220 1kg                        Scarce

Void Gear
Name Cost Wt                                         Availability
Blazer Shotgun Shells† 4 —                 Common
Boarding Armour 1,225 17kg              Rare
Emergency Kit 300 6kg                         Common
Jump Pack 2,000 25kg                           Rare
Magboots 65 2kg                                    Average
Melta Gel† 200 —                                   Rare
Navis Prima Priceless —                      Very Rare
Ploin Juice† 25 0.5kg                             Scarce
Selenite Void Suit 600 20kg                 Average
with Impellor +200 +5kg                     Scarce
Void Rounds† 8 —                                 Scarce

War Zone Infantry Gear, IH

The 9-70 Entrenching Tool 15 2kg                                     Average
Backpack or Field Sack 5 2kg                                             Common
Bedroll 8 4kg                                                                          Plentiful
Compass/Orienting Device 25 –                                          Scarce
Dog Tags 1 –                                                                            Plentiful
Hostile Weather Gear 10 2kg                                              Common
The Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer 5 0.3kg   Plentiful
Infantry Lamp Pack 10 1kg                                                  Average
Mess Kit 5 0.5kg                                                                      Plentiful
Personal Grooming Kit 2 0.1kg                                           Common
Sandbags 4 5kg                                                                      Plentiful
Tent 40 9kg                                                                             Average
Tool Kit 15 1kg                                                                       Common
Uniform 10 3kg                                                                      Common
Weapon/Gear Storage 5 1kg                                                Common
Weapon Maintenance Kit 20 1kg                                       Average
Whistle 5 –                                                                              Plentiful

Holy Ordos Gear, Tools And Ammunition

-If bought through Cold trade connections add two degrees of rarity.

Blessed Ammunition — 50ea                                            Very Rare
Null Box 20kg 25,000                                                          Very Rare
— Amulet 0.5kg 7,000                                                          Very Rare
— Implant — 12,000                                                            Very Rare
Psy-Tracker 1.5kg 1,000                                                     Rare
Psycannon Bolts — 250ea                                                 Very Rare
Sanctified Weapon — +500                                               Very Rare

Drugs and consumables

-Illegal drugs are only available through Cold trade contact

Attention Spanner                             Av: Very rare, ITS
Blush                                                    Av: Rare, ITS
Cold fire                                               Av: Rare, ITS
Ploin Juice                                           Av: Ubiquitous, ITS
Raenka                                                 Av: Scarce, ITS
Spur                                                      Av: Scarce, ITS
Wideawake                                         Av: Plentiful, ITS
White Void                                          Av: Rare, ITS

Barrage –                                              Rare, HA
Burnscour Rain –                               Very Rare, HA
Geist –                                                   Very Rare, HA
Glimmer –                                             Rare, HA
Haze –                                                    Rare, HA
Silver Anathema –                              Near Unique, HA
Spinebark Sap –                                  Extremely Rare, HA
Tox-Mister 0.1                                      Scarce, HA

Amasec 1 kg                                         Average, DH2
Desoleum Fungus —                          Scarce, DH2
De-Tox —                                             Rare, DH2
Frenzon† —                                        Very Rare, DH2
Lho-Sticks —                                      Common, DH2
Obscura† —                                        Rare, DH2
Ration Pack 2 kg                                Plentiful, DH2
Recaf —                                              Abundant, DH2
Sacred Unguents —                         Very Rare, DH2
Slaught† —                                         Scarce, DH2
Spook† —                                            Rare, DH2
Stimm† —                                           Average, DH2
Tranq 1 kg                                          Abundant, DH2

Gorsk White Gyn 5 —                      Common, IH
Quaddis Wine
Sorrowful Vintage 250 —                Rare
Golden Tokay 1,000 —                     Very Rare
Kataline Malmsey 10,000+ —         Very Rare
Night Dust 25 —                                Very Rare
Panimmune 40 —                             Average
Slam 100 —                                        Very Rare (elsewhere)
Somna 500 —                                     Scarce
Verita 500 —                                      Very Rare
Luminum Tats 10–100 —                Average
Resusatrix Chamber 7,500 200kg  Rare
Single Use 200 —                              Rare

Frontier Substances & Consumables
Name Cost Wt Availability
Dryas (per dose) 200 — Rare
Polygum 75 — Very Rare
Ration Grubs 15 — Average
Coral Paste —/225† 1kg Very Rare

War Zone Battlefield Rations, IH

Civilian Relief Rations 2 0.5kg           Plentiful
Combat Ration Pack 2 1kg                 Plentiful
Daily Prayers 1 –                                  Average
Emergency Rations 10 1kg                Average
Long Duration Ration Pack 5 1kg    Common

War Zone Drugs & Medical Gear, IH

Cast Spray† 55 —                              Scarce
Counterseptic Drugs† 25 —           Common
Ghostfire Extract† 300 —               Very Rare
Halo† 100 —                                     Common
Kick† 75 —                                        Average
Rainbow† 75 —                                Rare
Synth-Skin† 50 —                            Average
Toxin Wands 100 0.2kg                  Scarce


Aquila magnificus                               Very rare, ITS
Bloodlock bolt                                      Extremely rare, ITS
Bomb Spray                                          Very rare, ITS
Concealed holster                                Scarce, ITS
Det-cord, Det-tape                               Common, ITS
Disquise kit                                           Rare, ITS
Emergency hab                                    Scarce, ITS
Firewater                                               Rare, ITS
Flak Spray                                             Very rare, ITS
Flex tent                                                 Scarce, ITS
Flip-belt                                                  Extremely rare, ITS
Glidewing                                              Extremely rare, ITS
Gravity generator                                Very rare, ITS
Hab base                                                Extremely rare, ITS
Lingua-vox Servitor                            Very rare, ITS
Long-range Auspex                             Very rare, ITS
Nephitic Acid                                        Very rare, ITS
Perimeter system                                 Very rare, ITS
Physik kit                                               Common, ITS
Plaguewort venom                              Rare, ITS
Power Board                                         Near unique, ITS
Promethium                                          Abundant, ITS
Psycrystal                                              Near unique, ITS
Skinpplant                                            Scarce, ITS
Stasis pod                                              Extremely Rare, ITS
Travel survival kit                               Rare, ITS
Screaming tourniquet                        Very rare, ITS
Strait Cape                                            Scarce, ITS

Aetherscrye Goggles 1                       Near Unique, HA
Beast Cage (Average) 50                   Common, HA
Beast Cage (Hulking) 100                 Scarce, HA
Beast Cage (Enormous) 200             Rare, HA
Beast Cage (Massive) 400                 Rare, HA
Eldar Grav-platform 20                    Unique, HA
Elseways Charts 1                             Extremely Rare, HA
Occlusive Vault 15                            Near-Unique, HA
Prognosticator 150                            Extremely Rare, HA
Voidbait (Augur) 40                           Rare, HA
Voidbait (Warp) 75                            Extremely Rare, HA

Auspex/Scanner 0.5 kg Scarce, DH2
Auto Quill — Scarce
Clip/Drop Harness 2 kg Common
Combi-tool 1 kg Rare
Comm Leech 1 kg Very Rare
Dataslate 0.5 kg Common
Demolition Kit 4 kg Very Rare
Diagnostor 4 kg Rare
Disguise Kit 2 kg Very Rare
Excruciator Kit 2 kg Very Rare
Field Suture 0.5 kg Average
Glow-globe/Stablight 0.5 kg Abundant
Grapnel & Line 2 kg Common
Grav Chute 15 kg Rare
Hand-Held Targeter 0.5 kg Scarce
Inhaler/Injector 0.5 kg Common
Lascutter 4 kg Average
Laud Hailer 4 kg Scarce
Magboots 2 kg Rare
Magnoculars 0.5 kg Average
Manacles 1 kg Plentiful
Medi-kit 2kg Common
Micro-bead — Average
Monotask Servo-Skull 2 kg Rare
Multicompass 4 kg Near Unique
Multikey — Scarce
Null Rod 1 kg Near Unique
Pict Recorder 1 kg Average
Psy Focus — Average
Regicide Set 1 kg Plentiful
Screamer 2 kg Scarce
Signal Jammer 2 kg Rare
Static Generator 3 kg Very Rare
Stummer 2 kg Average
Vox-caster 4 kg Scarce
Writing Kit 2 kg Plentiful


Blackbone Bracing                              Very rare, ITS
Gastral bionics                                     Scarce, ITS
Internal blade                                      Very rare, ITS
Internal power cell                             Very rare, ITS
Pain ward                                              Rare, ITS
Vitae Supplement, ITS

Ætheric Wave-spars                            Very Rare, HA
Thief ’s Light                                          Scarce, HA
Servo-limb                                             Scarce, HA
Weapon Bracing                                  Rare, HA
Interkeratic Implants                         Scarce, HA
Twitch-mask                                         Very Rare, HA

Mechanicus Only, LW

Alatus-Pattern Jump Pack                    3,000 , LW
Enhanced Potentia Coil                        6,000  LW
Lathes Mechadendrite Stabilisers      300, LW
Perinetus-Pattern Servo-Harness       1,500, LW
Servo-Claw                                              600, LW

Psybernetics — — — — — — — † N/A Archaotech, LW

Imperial cybernetics, DH2

Augur Array                                               Rare, DH2
Autosanguine†                                          Very Rare
Baleful Eye                                                 Near Unique
Bionic Arm                                                Scarce
Bionic Legs                                                Scarce
Bionic Respiratory System                     Rare
Bionic Heart Very                                    Rare
Bionic Senses                                            Rare
Calculus Logi Upgrade                            Very Rare
Cerebral Implants                                    Very Rare
Cranial Armour                                        Scarce
Ferric Lure Implants†                             Very Rare
Interface Port                                           Rare
Internal Reservoir                                  Rare
Locator Matrix                                        Rare
Luminen Capacitor†                              Very Rare
Maglev Coils†                                          Very Rare
Mechadendrite†                                     Very Rare
Memorance Implant                             Rare
Mind Impulse Unit                                Rare
MIU Weapon Interface                         Rare
Respiratory Filter Implant                   Rare
Scribe-tines                                             Rare
Subskin Armour                                    Very Rare
Synthmuscle                                           Rare
Vocal Implant                                         Scarce
Volitor Implant                                      Rare

Chem Implants:, IH
— Chem Gland 5,000*                           Very Rare
— Injector Rig 750*                                Scarce

Concealed Weapon Bionic:, IH
— Poor 150**                                          Scarce
— Common 300**                                  Scarce
— Good 750**                                         Rare

Hermetic Infusion:, IH
— Common 3,000                                  Tech-Priest Only
— Good 17,000                                       Tech-Priest Only

Mining Helot Augmetics 2,000          Scarce
The Rite of Setesh 100,000 Very         Rare
Vehicle Interface Circuits 2,000         Rare

Servitors And Familiars, IH

Janus Simulacra 20,000                       Very Rare
Praetorian 35,000 (+weapons)           Magos Only

Cyber-Creature Upgrade† 3,000+       Scarce
Additional Implants As per Human ×2 As per Human
Per Machine (+1) 500 —
Fearless 250 —
Cortex (Skill Implant)†† 1,000            Very Rare
Cortex (Talent Implant)†† 500            Scarce
Psyber-Creature Upgrade† 5,000+     Rare
Psyber-Lure (Implant) 1,000               Rare

Guardian Servo-Skull
Combat 1,750                                        Rare
Gun 2,000 (+weapons)                        Rare

Monotask Servo-Skull:
Augur 1,500                                          Rare
Courier 1,800                                        Rare
Illuminator 950                                    Scarce
Loud Hailer 1,000                                Scarce
Medicae 2,500                                       Rare
Utility 1,500                                           Scarce

An Inquisitorial Miscellany

Black Grimoire 1kg 2,500        Very Rare (Ordo Xenos only)
Cherubim — 3,000                    Rare
Drusine Incense 0.5kg 100ea  Rare
Thurible 5kg 500                       Rare
Excruciator 2kg 10,000            Rare
Icon of Holy Wrath 10kg —    Issued Only
Torpor (Drug) — 500ea           Very Rare







Low Grade Abundant
Hab capsule, grox barn,taproom hammock

Mid Grade Average
Basic hab room, main cabin quarters, mid-hive hostelry

High Grade Rare
Grand hall lodgings, high berth billet, spire suite


Low Grade Abundant
Stickrats, fungus loaf, void sweat ale

Mid Grade Average
Vatmeal cakes, grox stew,bowl of recaf

High Grade Rare
Jellied heffen tongue, vintage amasec, roast starfin cheek


Low Grade Abundant
Rickshaw, dust sailer, hab conveyer

Mid Grade Average
Basic autocarriage, short-range cutter, intra-hive tramway

High Grade Rare
Orbital shuttle, dedicated autocarriage with driver,furnished palanquin

Medical care

Poor Underhive bonecutter                   Average
Int 30, Medicae skill +0 (rank 1)

Standard Factory medic Scarce
Int 40, Medicae skill +0 (rank 1)

Good Trained medicae, med-servitor  Rare
Int 50, Medicae skill +10 (rank 2)

Excellent Spire Medicae                         Very Rare
Int 60, Medicae skill +20 (rank 3)