campaigns of Archeotech Horribilis War

Ave Imperator!

Members  of  the Imperium , it is my glorious duty to announce ; 

The Imperium has achieved victory on two battlefronts at Gravis Major, planet of Ultima Tectum system, like millenniums before from the prosperous age of Forging .

 It was achieved through the different Imperal Ordos and citizens doing their duty as Holy Imperator demands.

The Imperium prospers, banishes the enemies of mankind and reclaims the lost wonders. 

The Archaeum Horribilis campaign has achieved success on this planet and the temporal Martial law and Blockade of Gravis Major can be lifted at a moment.

Imperial Colonel Ardman of Imperial Guard has deployed and maintained siege under demanding command enviroment.
Commander Elmeh of Imperal Navy has maintained enemy recoinnance disruption.
Gödel of Mechanicus has intensivly supressed enemy technology.
Aletha of Ordo Hospitaller has maintained proper psychologcal and physical functionability of Imperial citizens during the campaing.
Brother-militant Makbai of Ecclesiarchy has upheld proper creed amongst planet’s Imperial and native population.

Judge of Ordo Arbitus
Etunimi Mordechai