Active bounties:

+10 Search and rescue of Maximus of Grand Falls by Baroness Isolte of Grand Falls
+8 Assassination of Arbitrator Mordechai by Crime-lord Borga
+5 Local xeno corpse by Xeno Legatus Quintus
+1 for locating prospector shuttle “Lucky button” by Bethel Clan
+4 Assassination of Security Advisor Hemlock by Unknown
+2 Security codes of Arbitrator Precinct-Fortress by Unknown
+20 Location of lair of dread reaver Karrad Val by Calligos Winterscale
+3 for assassination of Louis of Grand Falls by Syndicate
+5 for assassination of merchant Petruchio by Syndicate
+7 awakened Alpha level psyker by Headmaster Idiomus.
+8 Location of stolen Yeti couple by Arviragus.
+2 power distribution schematics of Imperial Friendship Bridge
+3 assassination of Spokesman Memillius from Sphaera Imperaor by Unknown.
+10 for rogue trader Captain to protect Ultima Tectum system for a year by Conciliatorix Arviragus and Judge Mordechai.
+4 Shuttle docking data of Avaritas Star Fortress by unknown.


Resolved/Cancelled bounties:

+1 Samples of local archeotech by Electro-Priest Omnisheim
+7 Search and capture of Maximus of Grand Falls by unknown
+2 apex gonads by Conciliatorix Arviragus, Canor Sol
+7 Large xenos crystal by Unknown
+2 Powering up medicae facility closed by Judge Mordechai, Avaritas
+7 awakened Alpha level psyker by Headmaster Idiomus
+5 Sample of male and female yeti, Gravis Major by Commercial advisor Arviragus.
+8 Live xeno lifeform from the moon Irae by unknown.
+2 Launch and docking schedules of The Urn of Redemption by Unknown
5 Large xenos crystal by Headmaster Idiomus
+5 Locating stolen Yeti couple by Arviragus
+2 for mechanical pelvis augmentation by Mayor Usindra
+5 33.000 pcs of Cortex Implant cybernetics by Unknown
+3 system wide xeno activity data by unknown
+3 system wide Chorda Dynasty shuttle flight pattern data by unknown.
+3 Knowledge about unlooted caches of archeotech by unknown.
+5 location of secret asteroid habitat of Yves/Xavier at Penitus Balteus by unknown.
+2 for petrified cogitator by unknown.
+5 Security codes of Collegio Magnitudo by Unknown
+8 to purge databanks of Emplastrum Aegis by unknown.
+4 minerology specialist with experience of xenos excavation by Quintus, Scutum.
+6  for Archeotech component: Auto-Stabilised Logis-Targeter By Tech-Priest Mycola Krylov.
+10 for rogue trader captain to protect star system for a year by Arviragus and Mordechai. Answered by Rogue Trader Captain Karfa
+10  for rogue trader captain to protect star system for a year by Boltazar and Mordechai. Answered by Rogue Trader Captain Qumais
+4 sabotage production of Dolabra Imperator by unknown.