Authorities of Imperial hierarchy


Authorities of Imperial law

Lord Marshal Goreman, Scintilla system, Calixis Sector
-Stressed, ruthless, pious, occupied,

Lord Existimator Efresie, Segmentum Obscurus, Terra
-Distant, slow, expensive, occupied

Lagatus Legalis Obron, Segmentum Obscurus legal envoy, Terra
-Helpful, inquisitive, immensely expensive

The Grand Provost Marshal, Terra
-Beyond, busy, authoritarian

Authorities of Imperial navy

Commander Draconia, Accursed Demesne Sub-sector commander
-“Gorgon’s Eye”
, Imperial navy cruiser

Admiral Gertrude Koronus Expanse Sector commander
-Stationed at fortress guarding Jericho-Maw wormhole

Lord Admiral Camillo, Logis civitas, Segmentum Obscurus
-Relocation of population, space stations, space docks, pilgrim ships, grave ships,

Lord Admiral Gardinem, Merchant fleet, Segmentum Obscurus
-Relocation of resources, emergency provisions,

Lord Admiral Philostre, War fleet, Segmentum Obscurus
-Imperial navy fleets, navy stations, navy fortresses