Void-Mad Profet

“There is nothing like madness to open the mind.”
–from Overlooking the Abyss

There are places in the Koronus Expanse that humans were not meant to tread, and secrets of dead empires that they were never meant to uncover. In the penumbra beyond the Emperor’s Light, the line between sanity and madness becomes blurred.
Voidsmen suffer from crippling disorders across the galaxy, of course, but several disturbing cases have been noted on ships that travelled close to locations such as the Rifts of Hecaton.
It begins in a myriad of ways—a voidsman knowing something far beyond his ken, a Navigator finding an impossible path through a Warp storm, an archaeologist
unlocking an ancient riddle—but it invariably ends in the same way: screaming madness wrought upon a mind left dangerously open and the influence of things beyond the veil of this reality.
An Explorer who develops this condition—and indeed, it can only be described as such—gains access to knowledge he should never have, and perhaps that no human was ever
intended by the God-Emperor to wield. This might prove invaluable in the short run, but the longer an Explorer allows the whispered secrets into his mind, the more he pulls on the threads of sanity to find answers, the faster he will find the comfortable, necessary lie of reality unwinding around him.
And, in the end, all that remains is utter insanity.
Restrictions: The character must have at least 15 Insanity Points to select this Elite Advance. The character may not have the Untouchable Trait when selecting this Advance.
Advance Cost: 500 xp
Effect: The character gains 1d10 Insanity Points and the Whispers Unheard Trait.

Prerequisite: 15+ Insanity Points
The Warp flows and echoes in the mind of this Explorer, and sometimes thoughts, feelings, and fears wash up on the shores of his psyche. As a Half Action, the Explorer may make an Intelligence Test to attempt to access these stranded, tattered memories. If he passes the Test and his roll is also lower than or equal to his total Insanity Points, he gains the following benefits and consequences until the end of his next Turn: he may treat any Skill based on Intelligence as a Basic Skill, adds a bonus equal to his half of his
Insanity Points (rounded up) to any Intelligence-based Tests he makes, and gains 1d5–2 (to a minimum of 0) Insanity Points for each successful Intelligence-based Test he makes during that time.