Visions of Martün

-Reading the heretical text known as “Fall of the Throne”, which contains divinations and visions of Volquon Sark, has permanently influenced Martün’s craft of interpreting the tapestries of destinies.

-Following visions are glimpses of possible and contradicting futures that haunt Martün.

Illustrations from “True and accurate report” by Martün Underberg

vision 4
The Sun-daemon

-Gathering power from warp echoes caused by rising population of Ultima Tectum system.

-Sun is approaching critical mass.

-Xeno crystal signal locared to heart of a sunspot.







vision 8
The Dark Mechanicus














vision 7
Trinity of Star-children

-Vision about the trinity of three star-children.












-Premonic visions of Thalia radically changed after encounter with judge Mordechai












Warp beacon

-Created by Huwan shaman’s during battle of Valley of Dense Smoke.

-Resonates through the warp sending emanations beyond the Ultima Tectum system.








vision 5
Eels, Prophet of Tzeentch













vision 3
Jotak, Alpha level psyker








vision 2
Martün Underberg, Alpha level psyker













Maximus of Grand Falls, Alpha level psyker

-Located to Mechanicus research vessel Omnissiah’s Probe.











vision b
Eldar Psyker

-Farseer belonging to eldar fleet who was met in nearby starsystem by Judge Mordechai





vision of humer
Cardinal Humer


Echo in the Immaterium caused by actions of Cardinal Humer. Vision of enormous ornated glass window, the fiery blue sun and an empty ecclesiarchical pulpit. Theodor Cadizky



-Martün locates the xenos to Gravis Major and sees vision yeti exodus and exploding plasma clouds.







The Emperor