Visions of Martün

-Reading the heretical text known as “Fall of the Throne”, which contains divinations and visions of Volquon Sark, has permanently influenced Martün’s craft of interpreting the tapestries of destinies.

-Following visions are glimpses of possible and contradicting futures that haunt Martün.

Illustrations from “True and accurate report” by Martün Underberg

vision 4
The Sun-daemon

-Gathering power from warp echoes caused by rising population of Ultima Tectum system.

-Sun is approaching critical mass.








vision 8
The Dark Mechanicus














vision 7
Trinity of Star-children















Warp beacon

-Created by Huwan shaman’s during battle of Valley of Dense Smoke.

-Resonates through the warp sending emanations beyond the Ultima Tectum system.








vision 5
Eels, Prophet of Tzeentch













vision 3
Jotak, Alpha level psyker








vision 2
Martün Underberg, Alpha level psyker













Maximus of Grand Falls, Alpha level psyker










vision b
Eldar Psyker
vision of humer
Cardinal Humer






jokaero 3

Alien crystal



The Emperor