Ultima Tectum System players


Star system information:

Blue giant sun

Gravis Minor
, medium rock planet, Terran atmosphere,
Mechanicus research station: “EF-118”

Sphere of life
Gravis Major,
large rock planet, Terran atmosphere,
Imperial colony: “Bastion of Drusus”
Imperial colony: “Manor-Fortress of Grand Falls”
Moon: Vallum, Imperial navy fortress

Penitus Balteus, Asteroid belt with several habitats
Space station: “Avaritas”
Asteroid habitat: Sphaera Imperator”
Asteroid habitat: Scutum”

Impensus, Gas giant
Moon: Gaudimonium, Large rock, No atmosphere
Moon: Semis, Small rock, No atmosphere, Skolana Psykana habitat
Moon: Irae, Medium rock, Terran atmosphere, Unknown lifeform

Outer reaches
Nothus, Small rock planet, Toxic atmosphere, Penal colony

Nimbus Extern, Exterior comet cloud with several habitats
Space station: “Canor Sol”
Comet habitat: “Pauperpolis”
Comet habitat: “Scutum”

Debris: “Graveyard”

Mandeville Point