GM STC technology

STC database Pow: 20 Space 4
-Contains all possible designs developed by AIs of Hegemony of Terra.
-No known full database exist in the hands of the Imperium.
-In theory data of STC database with all possible item and production variants that one needs.

STC constructor Pow: 10 Space 10
-Omni-maker producing STC items which hard copies have been downloaded into it.
-Most importantly constructor blue-prints, which is omnimaker. Machine combining nanotech printer and fusion reactor. You add hydrogen or any other element to constructor and it produces items based on STC hard copies uploaded to it.
-Knowledge of producing omni-makers is lost for the Imperium. It may be possible that omni-makers were never produced by any factory but each of them were designed by individual AI.

STC factory Pow: 4 Space: 6
-Mechanism designed to produce only single type of STC item. As produced item is define before construction of the factory it is not possible to change factory line to produce other STC items. However, if different STC design of the same item is available, it can be uploaded to factory to change
-It is more efficient to create designated facility on production item instead running omni-maker constantly. For that reason during dark age of technology many such factories with single STC hard copy uploaded to them survived.
-Unlike omni-maker STC factory must be fed with required materials to be able to produce STC item that it was designed for.

STC hard copy
-Pre-created design of imperial STC item. It is always adjusted by database before download to suit manufacturing

STC item

STC fragment