Specialist Gödel’s trooops

Skitarii Ranger

Crew rate: 40 Wounds 10

Armour: Skitarii warplate, 6 to all locations.


Galvanic Rifle, Basic, 80m, S/3/-, 1d10+6 E, Pen: 2 Clip: 6 W:15 Rld: Full Special: Accurate 3, Near Unique (Very Rare)

Sicarian Infiltrators

Crew rate: 40 Wounds 14

Skills: Stealth +10

Talents: Bulky, Doctrina Imperatives, Dunestrider, Feel No Pain, Stealthy, Infiltrate, Neurostatic Aura

Armour: Sicarian battle armour, 5 to all locations


Powersword, One-Handed Melee – Power, 1d10+8 E; Pen 6; Balanced, Power Field

Stubcarbine, Basic, 100m, S/3/10, 1D10+4 I, Pen 3, Clip 20, Rld: 2 Full, 9kg

Skitarii talents:

ETERNAL VIGILANCE The Skitarii have their eyelids removed upon inception, for they must harvest data fortheir masters at all times. To prevent them from losing their sight to the hot grit of their forge worlds, goggle-like augmetics filled with blessed salves are sealed into place. The targeter arrays inside them are miracles of the Omnissiah, their sophistication the bane of the Skitarii’s foes.

THE BREATH OF MARS The Skitarii filter air into their lungs via cognis rebreather tubes that plunge deep into the chest. When necessary they can draw upon a reservoir of polluted gases harvested from their home world.

BLESSED RAIMENTS The heavy robes that the Skitarii wear to battle are lined with tiny leaden leech-spheresthat absorb harmful energies. Branded above the hem is the Skitarii’s squad number andthe symbol of the forge world to which he belongs.

DOCTRINA IMPERATIVES The Skitarii are fearsome foes, relentless in the pursuit of the Omnissiah’s agenda andequipped with the most advanced weaponry in the Imperium. Ultimately, though, each is but a cybernetic vessel for the will of the Tech-Priests. In the heat of battle, the Skitarii will be remotely controlled by data imperatives that boost their minds and bodies to inhuman levels.At the start of your Movement phase, Magos Dominusmay choose up to one Doctrina Imperative from the list: Protector Imperatives will increase the army’s abilities in the Shooting, while Conqueror Imperatives will make the army more proficient in the Assault. Unless otherwise stated, each Doctrina Imperative can only be used once during the game session.

DUNESTRIDER Some Skitarii are able to march across the most hostile terrain at relentless pace, their augmetic limbs never tiring nor wearing out.A unit with this special rule adds 10 m to its maximum move distance when it Runs and when it makes charge moves.

FEEL NO PAIN Immune to stun caused by painful crits.

NEUROSTATIC AURA All enemy units within 15 m of one or more Skitarii with this talent subtract 5 from their Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Initiative and Command.

TOOLS OF CONQUEST The weapons of the Skitarii are ancient and revered in form. They are all modified eitherto fire advanced ammunition types, or to harness the most baleful power sources yetdiscovered.

RAD-CENSER This pitted bronze sphere is linked to a mechanalysis pack which connects the Skitarius tothe digital imperatives of his masters. Its chimes inform the bearer when ambientradiation is at critical levels.

THE RED PLANET’S DUE In imitation of the ancestor cohorts that first ground their limbs to stumps upon thedunes of Mars, the Skitarii cut off their lower legs and replace them with prostheses ofinviolate alloy. Gain Sprint or Jump Talents