Sector warpscape

Signals detected by Astropathic Choir


Near distance (system):

Martün Underberg, Imperial astropathic choir, Sphaera Imperator

Herkel 1, Imperial Astropathic choir, Semis

Ragozine 2, Imperial Astropathic relay, Winterscale, Star vessel

Metxer 3 , Imperial astropath, Bleeding feedback loop signal, Calling for maintenance, Sensory deprivation, High insanity, Unintentional signal, Cauldron area

Blue giant sun 4, Dissonances from blue giant sun of Ultima Tectum, warp rift located inside of the sun.

Stryxis 5, Warp distruptor against eldar

Unknown 6, Nimbus Extern, Unsanctioned psyker, Occult signs, Warded location, warded personality, Divination signs, Midwife for mother birthing twins.

Nytram Red Handed 7, Moral threat, resides in the warp


Mid distance (sub-sector):

Xaore 8, Imperial, Astropathic choir, Imperial navy, Stationary

Kalliope 9, Imperial navy, “Gorgon’s eye” imperial cruiser, asropathic relay

Hecuba 10, Imperial, Astropathic relay, “Orlov Principle”, inquisitor Black ship

Unknown 11, located direction, stationary, chaos source

Unknown 12, Aldar Craft World

Unknown 13, Slaanesh source, star vessel, constant tactical maneuvering, constant sacrifice, single vessel,

Hecaton rift Warp storm

The Cauldron Warp storm


Far distance: (Koronus expanse)

Montak , Imperial, Astropathic choir, Footfall system, High insanity, Link to Calixis

Heldron 15, Imperial, Overcharged Astropathic choir, Winterscale realm, Link to Calixis

Unknown 16, Stationary, Xeno,

Unknown 17, Khorne source

Unknown 18, Waagh

Screaming Vortex Warp storm ?


Extremely far distance:

Holy Astronomicon Terra