New habitat components

-As components of Rogue Trader game are designed for star vessels and fortresses some of them needed revision to fit in habitat model. Some existing components have added bonuses and some are renamed and shaped to fit habitat models. However changes are minor and should be usable also in Rogue Trader campaign.

New components:

Spaceport: (Bastion of Saint Drusus, EF-118), +10 to acquisition, planetary version of heavy lifter bay, Scarce
Pillars of Law: (Sphaera Imperator)
+5 to arbitrator command at the courtroom of precinct-fortress
Armoured gate: Pow: 0 Space: External
reinforced entrance to the habitat, bonus to defensive command
Armoured walls: Pow: 0 Space: External, Scarce
(external component), bonus to habitat armor
Psykana Bridge/HQ (Semis)
Pow: 2 Space 3, provides psykana agent network, very rare
Prison Bridge/HQ (Nothus)
Pow: 2 Space: 2, security skill check bonus, command bonus versus uprising
Chemical procession facility (Nothus), Pow: 4 Space: 6, Bonus to trade objective
Imperial quarters (Canor Sol, Grand Falls), Pow: 1 Space: 2, enough for 25.000 Imperial citizens, bonus to creed, Not used in star vessels as requires too much space
Xenotech dismantling facility (Pugia), Pow: 2 Space: 2 Heretek, Extremely rare
bonus for operating xeno tech, heretical component, bonus to Criminal objective
Rejuvenation chamber (Avaritas), Pow: 3 Space: 1, Archaotech, extremely rare
Longevity process for wealthy and influential
Terraforming facility Pow: 100 Space: 40 (Gravis Major), Archaotech, Unique
Planetary anchor Pow: 1 Space: External
Star vessels may anchor safely on planets upper atmosphere. Usually combined with spaceport. May be used to hide from unwanted attention. Scarce
Data-vault Pow: 1 Space: 2, very rare
Bonus: +5 to Inquiry checks
Data-mine Pow: 5 Space: 10, Archeotech, Unique
Bonus: +5 to inquiry, lore, Forbidden lore checks,
Smelting furnace Pow: +25 Space: 8, Extremely rare
Bonus: To trade objective, constant operation
Luxury bridge/HQ Pow: 3 Space: 2, +5 to morale, -Imperial creeds
Hexagrammatic walls: (Semis), Similar to warpsbane hull component

Effect expansion of existing components (List: Anonymous Otter)

Promenade: +10  bonus to acquisition checks
Ancient life sustainer: Bonus versus bio- and nano weapons
Luxury quarters: +5 to social interaction with Rogue Traders, Navigators, Nobility, Ecclesiarchy (? sects), Pirates  and -5 to social interaction with Ecclesiarchy (Puritan Sects), Inquisition, Adeptus Sororitas, Imperial Navy
Criminal HQ: Gain +5 to Common lore (Underworld), Trade (Criminal) and Barter checks.
Barracks: Gives troops equal to 10% of vessel/habitat population. Up to 10.000 men per one barracks.
Slave hold: Criminal/Trade objective bonus, counters population losses caused by other components, -5 to morale.


From heroic systems

Fighter Bay: Swarms of fighters maintain a constant void patrol around this vessel. The cavernous fighter bay contains a full squadron of fighters, either of Imperial Naval stock or a more exotic vintage, and the support facilities necessary to keep them in action. Brave void-pilots may roam the ship’s halls, set above the common ratings by their lethal career.
Void Patrol: Increase the ship’s turret rating by 1 during combat.
Turret Suppression: During combat, the ship may launch fighters against an enemy ship to suppress turrets as an Extended Action. This requires a Difficult (-10) Piloting Test, and will suppress 1 point of enemy turrets, plus 1 point of enemy turrets for every degree of success.
Heavy Lifter Bay: Any warp-vessel will be festooned with a wide variety of smaller craft for ferrying cargo, crew, and passengers between ships, stations, and planets. A ship mounting a heavy lifter bay has vast swarms of these vessels, giving it the heavy spacelift capacity necessary to run a major mining operation, transport an imperial guard regiment, or survey a planet. In battle, these craft can be turned to use as impromptu assault craft, transporting hundreds of armed troops onto an enemy vessel.
Improvised Assault Craft: When conducting Hit and Run attacks or boarding an enemy vessel, the heavy lifter bay provides a +10 bonus to Command Tests.
Heavy Spacelift Capacity: When working towards an Exploration, Military, Trade, or Criminal objective, the players earn an extra 50 Achievement Points towards completing that objective.

Promenade: While ships may act as space-going cities, few vessels dedicate much in the way of space to this function, instead leaving the crew to undertake black-market trade and criminal activities. A promenade supplants this underground activity by serving as an official ship-board marketplace and recreational area, giving the crew. Crew members can gather here to trade, supplement their ship-board rations, and enjoy their off-duty hours.
Rest and Recreation: Increase Crew Morale permanently by 3.
Free Market: This component provides 50 Achievement Points on any Criminal or Trade endeavor.

Apothecarium : All vessels have some level of medical facilities, but a ship with a full Apothecarium is equipped with major surgical facilities, resucatrix chambers, and clinics to tend to the crew. Experienced tech-priests and medicians work to heal the sick, install augmetics, and treat the wounded in battle.
Triage: Reduce all losses to Crew Population by 1.
Chiurgeon Chamber: This component provides a +10 bonus to all shipboard Medicae tests.

Flux Generator: Smaller than a full plasma drive, a flux generaor can provide additional power by drawing on the inertial flux of the ship’s gravity field.
Flux Generation: Provides an additional +5 power.
Unstable: When damaged or affected by a critical hit, this flux generator causes an additional 1d5 points of Hull Integrity damage.

Void Cathedral: Many ships have shrines to the Emperor aboard. Some, however, transform their entire vessels into glorious acknowledgements of the Emperor’s will by building massive Void Cathedrals into their very core. A Void Cathedral sits at the heart of a vessel, a mighty structure that incorporates ancient reliquaries, monastic chambers, and a massive sermon-hall that can accommodate a significant portion of the ship’s crew.
Reliquary of the Saints: When working towards a Creed objective, the players earn an additional 150 Achievement Points towards completing that objective.
Ecclesiarchal Blessing: Characters from the vessel gain a +10% bonus to all Interaction Tests made with members of the Ecclesiarchy.
Demonstrable Faith: Increase Crew Morale permanently by 5, and reduce all losses of Crew Morale by 1 to a minimum of 1.
Vox-Sermon: Characters gain a +10% bonus to all Interaction or Willpower Tests made to influence the crew, including the Hold Fast! and Put Your Backs Into It! Extended Actions.
Suffer Not The Alien: Any interaction with xenos causes 1 point of Crew Morale loss per day, and characters from the vessel suffer a -10% penalty to Interaction Tests made with xenos.

Hexagrammic Cells: To suppress the flux and hew of the terrible warp is no easy feat. Hexagrammatic suppression cells are most often found aboard Inquisitiorial vessels, and are used to transport renegade psykers and suppress daemons. A block of hexagrammatic cells can suppress even the most powerful of psychic impulses, and can prevent the possessed or warp-twisted from wreaking havoc.
Rumours of Warpcraft: Reduce Crew Moral permanently by 3.
Warp Containment: Roll on the WTE chart only once for every ten full days of travel within the warp (minimum once per trip). Reduce all Crew Morale damage from psychic or warp attacks by 1.
Dark Harvest: When working towards an objective involving the transport, containment, suppression or protection of psykers, the players earn an extra 100 Achievement Points.

Astropathic Relay: An astropathic relay is a minor reflection of the great Astronomicon, a might beacon that boosts the native gifts of trained astropaths. Under the command of an Astropath-Transcendant, messages can be relayed across the galaxy, from the Halo Stars to Holy Terra.
Astropathic Relay: The astropathic relay provides the benefits listed on page 163, and comes with a full choir of junior Astropaths.

Techno-Shrine to the Omnissiah: This vessel contains a shrine to the Omnissiah, glorifying the Adeptus Machinus and the Cult of Mars, attracting additional tech-priests. It also includes a small techno-scriptarium, which provides a wealth of knowledge on archeotech and the sacred rites of the Adeptus Machinus.
Blessing of the Machine Cult: Any Tech-Use, Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus), Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) or Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) Tests made aboard this vessel gain a +10% bonus.

Cryo-Vaults: This vessel contains extensive cryo-vaults, which can store additional crew or passengers beyond the standard capacity of the ship. Row upon row of frozen bodies line the crypts, giving the ship the impression of a flying tomb. The crew often spins tales about what occurs in the cryo-vaults, and are innately distrustful of anyone who is woken from them.
Frozen Passengers: When working towards a Trade, Creed, or Military objective, the players may gain an extra 50 Achievement Points towards completing that objective.
Sleeper Crew: Increase Crew Population permanently by 3.
Void Tomb: Reduce Crew Morale permanently by 2.

Vivarium: The transport of rare and exotic alien plants and beasts is a difficult trade, but the profits can be immense if the right xeno-specimen makes its way into the right hands. A vivarium is a series of large vaults with separate life sustainers, capable of simulating almost any planetary vaults and isolating their exotic cargo from the crew. Some Rogue Traders use their vivariums as a sort of living trophy room, containing specimens from hundreds of worlds in their past.
Exotic Beasts: When working towards a Trade or Exploration objective, the players may gain an extra 50 Achievement Points towards completing that objective.
Xeno-Lore: Through the study of xeno-organisms within the vivarium, any Forbidden Lore (Xenos) tests made aboard this ship gain a +10% bonus.

Aqua-Reservoir: All ships have large aqua-reservoirs, but a ship that selects this component devotes a sizeable amount of space to a major water reservoir. As a result, large quantities of coolant can be delivered anywhere on the ship.
Water Supplies: Increase the time a ship may remain at void without suffering Crew Population or Morale loss by +50%.
Fire Suppression: The reservoir can be used to fight fires more effectively, providing a +20% bonus to Command Tests made to put out fires and reduces Crew Population and Morale loss from fires by 2.
Lance Coolant: Increase the damage of all shipboard lances by 1, as the ship’s lance batteries may be more effectively cooled and fired more rapidly.
Unbalanced: A large aqua-reservoir reduces the ship’s Maneuverability by 5%.

Scholarium: Many crewmembers are the children of generations of void-travellers, families that spend their entire lives aboard ships. A captain who installs a scholarium aboard their vessel is acknowledging this fact. It provides nurseries that care for the ship’s children, and trains new generations of crew members in the skills and abilities necessary for the operation of a void-faring vessel.
Nurseries: Increase Crew Population permanently by 2, and increase by 1 every year.
Officer Training: Increase crew skill by +5%.

Pneumatic Arterial: A series of pneumatic transit tubes run throughout the ship, quickly conveying cargo, materials, and crewmembers around the ship. During combat, armsmen and repair teams can rapidly be deployed around the vessel, directly to where they are needed.
Armsmen Deploment: The ship gains a +10 to Command Tests when defending against boarding actions and Hit and Run attacks.
Repair Teams: Repair teams can quickly be deployed throughout the ship, granting it a +10 bonus to Emergency Repair tests.
Evacuation: Reduce Crew Population losses due to fires, depressurization, and other component-based damage by 1, to a minimum of 1.
This component may not be installed on vessels with a Tenebro-Maze.

Dorsal Castellum: A castellum is a massive tower that extrudes from the ship’s dorsal region, expanding the space available for shipboard components.
Expanded Space: This component increases the amount of space available aboard ship by 2.
Integrity: Adding massive external substructures reduces the ships ability to take hits, reducing hull integrity by 3 points.


Incarceration Vaults: Power 1; space 1; SP 2 : While any starship has basic brig facilities for troublemakers and prisoners, a vessel with incarceration vaults has an elaborate complex of high-security cells, bio-suspension crypts, and interrogation chambers staffed by clans of skilled questioners and durancers.
Right Tools For The Job: Any InterogateSkill Test aboard this ship gains +10.
Enforce Authority: When testing to determine if a mutiny has occurred, the captain gains +10 to Command.
Put To The Question: When working toward a Creed, Criminal, or Military objective, the players earn an additional 50 Achievement Points toward completing that objective.
More (and somewhat different) benefits than (say) a Trophy Room, but also twice as many SP. If Inquiry were as broadly useful as Investigation I’d be worried about balance compared to a Librarium Vault, but as it is I think it’s okay.

Scartix Engine Coil: Raiders and Frigates: Power: 4 Space: 1 Cruisers and Light Cruisers: Power: 6 Space: 2
Speed: +25% Rarity: Near Unique (Archeotech)
This enhancment integral to the ships plasma drives and thus cannot be the target of critical hits. Any critical hit which destroys the drive also destroys this enhancement.

Plasma Relays: Power: 3 Space: 1 Rarity: Near Unique This component increases all plasma weapons range by + 2 and damage by +1
Superior Conduction: This component reduces power requirements for all plasma weapons by -1
Unstable: A critical hit to this component automatically deals 1dd hull damage to the ship and the component becomes unpowered.

Plasma Broadside: Space: 1; Power: 1; Rarity: Standard ship component rarity.
This component configuration allows two plasma cannon batteries to be mounted as a single broadside. There must occupy a port or starboard weapon slot. This cannot be used by ships of less then cruiser class. All other costs for the plasma cannons must be paid in addition to the cost of this component.

Promenade: Power 1; Space 3 ; SP 1 : While ships may function as space-going cities, most do not have a dedicated spaces to foster this function, instead compartmentalizing the crew and limiting commerce to barter and black market. A promenade compartment functions as a ship-board “Main Street,” providing formal gathering spaces for crew commerce and interaction. Here privileged crew members can supplement their issued rations and gear and interact with others from all over the ship.
One Gelt for the Master…: With some portion of shipboard trade inevitably ending up in the hands of the Rogue Trader, ships equipped with this component provide +50 achievement points to Commercial and Criminal Endeavors.
Did You Hear?: Wagging tongues spreading rumors from all over the ship can be good or ill. The effects of any morale loss or gain are increased by 1.

Mechanicus Shrine: Power 1; Space 1 ; SP 1 : This ship incorporates a large shrine to the Omnissiah, manned by devoted tech-adepts who provide invaluable aid in soothing whatever hurts the vessel may suffer.
Servants of the Machine God: Any Tech-Use Skill Test to make Emergency Repairs or Long-Term Repairs to this ship gains +10.
Given the importance of those checks (especially in combat) I think this balances well with the mechanically-similar Librarium Vault.


Teleskopein Shrine: Your vessel is equipped with a vast and arcane Mechanicus device for the scanning and magnification of light in the electromagnetic spectrum: an ancient and hugely powerful telescope. This enables you to locate nearby stars and star systems more efficiently, and also to map your progress through unknown space more accurately.
Star-scryer: When working towards an Exploration objective, the players earn an additional 100 Achievement Points towards completing that objective.
Appropriate Hull type: All Ships; Power: 2 ; Space: 1 ; SP:1

Ironclad: Your vessel has either been carved from the heart of a single vast nickel-iron asteroid, or treated so that its internal skeleton is a solid core of layers of bonded steel, indivisible and incredibly resilient. Your ship is far tougher than most of its class, as it differs from the standard design: rather than being a latticework of struts holding together a thin outer skin, the ship is a solid lump of iron and steel with chambers cut inside it. The external walls are metres thick, rather than inches thick, and the craft can shrug off attacks that would cripple a normal ship. Ironclad vessels were once common in the Imperium, and indeed many ancient surviving hulks are of this type, as they can withstand warp exposure, radiation, the cold of deep space or even a journey to the heart of a star. Few are made in this way in these feeble times, as the techniques have largely been lost outside Mars. Nigh indestructible, but masses far more than a normal ship of its class, which has a serious impact upon handling, and also has much less internal space than normal.
Heart of Steel: Increase the vessel’s Armour by 5.
Steers like the asteroid she was carved from: Decrease the vessel’s Manoeuvrability by -10.
Mind your head…: The solid construction of the ship reduces the internal space available for other components. This is reflected in the high “Space” score needed to operate this component.
Appropriate Hull types: Transport, Light Cruiser, Cruiser; Power: 0 ; Space: 6 ; SP: 2

Fortified Rallypoints: Your vessel’s corridors and passageways have been designed from an early stage to be easily defensible. Bulkheads double as cover for heavy weapons teams. Centrally operated weapons-lockers spring open when battle stations are declared. Airlocks pump deadly nerve gas into sealed sections of the ship that have been captured by the enemy. The bridge is ringed with gun-ports and murder-holes, keeping the senior command crew safe during the most desperate hand to hand fighting.
Murderous fire: The ship gains a +10 to all Command Tests when defending against boarding actions and Hit and Run actions.
Appropriate Hull Types: All Ships ; Power: 1 (all types) ; Space: 1 (2 in light cruisers and cruisers) ; SP: 1 (all types)

Master Chirurgeon facility: There are a bewildering variety of medical practitioners across the Imperium, ranging from witchdoctors, through barber-surgeons, to dedicated sisters of the Orders Hospitaller. Your vessel is equipped with a fine medicae facility, boasting the latest scanners and radiaprojectors, the sharpest neuroscalpels and staffed by the wisest and most esteemed physicians prepared to voyage into the unknown with a ragtag crew…
The Doctor will see you now…: Reduce all losses of Crew Population by 2 to a minimum of 1. Appropriate Hull Types: All Ships; Power: 1 (all types) ; Space: 1 (all types) ; SP: 1 (all types)

Hydroponics Decks:  These bulky and complex biological facilities enable the ship to grow its own carefully nurtured crop of plants, sustaining the crew without the need for re-supply. They are usually only attached to either space stations or very large and rare colony vessels. However, the ingenuity, ambition and drive of Rogue Traders often cause them to jury rig their vessels with hydroponics decks as a means of extending the endurance of their vessels (or, more specifically, their crew) to enable longer voyages. However, these decks are fragile and prone to damage, especially as they are often mounted externally in large, low ventral glass domes, which make them a tempting target for attackers…
Sustaining: This vessel suffers no penalties to Crew Population or Morale for remaining in space for a long period.
A soothing walk in the garden: Increase Morale Permanently by 1.
Those in Glass Houses…: The Glass Domes of Hydroponic gardens are very fragile. Whenever the ship takes a critical hit, and a component other than the Hydroponics Decks are hit, roll a D10. On a roll of 1-5, the Hydroponic gardens are hit as well as the other component, and receive the same effect.
The burning gardens…: The flipside of a sustaining garden containing plants lovingly grown by the crew is that if it is destroyed, it has a catastrophic effect on morale. If the Hydroponics decks are destroyed, reduce Morale by 5 until they are repaired.
Appropriate Hull Types: Transports, Cruisers, Light cruisers; Power: 5 (all types) ; Space: 4 (all types) ; SP: 2 (all types)


Broadside Macro Turrets (2 power, 6 space, cruiser only) : An expensive and wasteful attempt to fix the fie arcs of early grand cruisers before the Imperium simply abandoned grand cruisers all together. This modification allows one non-broadside weapon on each side of the grand cruiser to fire into the forward arc, as well as the arc it can normally fire into. Forward Arc: One non-broadside weapon in a Port and Starboard slot may also fire forward. Against an enemy who isn’t aware of the weapons ability to fire forward, the ship gains a +10 bonus to BS when firing the weapon.

Teleportarium Launch Bay (9 power, 9 space, strength 3, cruisers and transports with 75+ space) :
Not seen on naval vessels since the time the Emperor battle his enemies beside his sons, this launch bay can actually get small craft into and out of the ship via gargantuan teleportariums. Considered dangerous in the extreme by modern savants and wasteful by most naval captains and rogue traders, the ability to put fighters or bombers directly into combat with another ship makes for a devastating surprise. Because most of this component is internal, this launch bay does not require a weapon slot.
No landing strips required: Up to three squadrons can be launched via teleportation and automatically appear anywhere withing 5VU from this ship. However, even with homing beacons in every squadron, squadrons can only be teleported back if they are within 1VU. Launching a squadron this way requires a successful tech-use (+0) roll with a -5 penalty for every squadron after the first, and an additional -5 if any squadron is carrying torpedo bombers is loaded with void torpedoes. Failure results in the squadrons being displaced a number of VUs away from the target location, with the direction of the displacement determined by a roll on the scatter table. Limited land strips when required: If this component looses power for any reason, each squadron takes two turns to be recovered, and only one squadron can be in the process of recovering on any given turn. Anywhere in an instant: Any bonus achievement points a squadron earns are doubled.

Inertial Damping Capacitors (4 power, space 2) : The pattern for this system is long sought by the priests of mars. Massive banks of capacitors sit ready to discharge into enhanced inertial dampers to allow a ship to perform maneuvers that would normally break a ship in half. This makes for a nasty surprise when a ship suddenly spins around to chase an attacker.
Inertialess turn: When activated, a pilot may attempt to turn his ship by any ammount at any point is his normal movement with a difficult (-10) pilot check. If the check fails, the ship moves its full normal movement, then faces a direction determined by rolling on the scatter diagram. Once used, this system requires two turns to recharge.

Small Craft Storage Bays (1 power, 2 space) : Each small craft storage bay increases the number of squadrons it’s parent ship can hold by 2, however, it has no launch capability on its own.

Under-barrel Launch Bays (2 power, 4 space, strength 1) : These little known, and less often used, launch bays are small enough to include on any large ship without drastically impacting its fighting capacity. These launch bays are mounted under the standard port and starboard weapon slots, so long as the weapon they are mounted under is not a broadside weapon or another launch bay.
Small Bay: Each of these launch bays only holds two squadrons.
Cramped Construction: These launch bays are mounted in port and/or starboard weapon slots that already contain a weapon. The weapon mounted with an under-barrel launch bay is minimally inconvenienced by this, and suffers a -10 to any BS rolls to fire. Also, during a turn that a squadron is launched or recovered, the arc that the squadron launch or recovered from does not benefit form any turrets, and the fore and aft arcs lose one point of turret rating.

Arched Structure (“roll bar”) that would grant a grand cruiser one Dorsal mount by placing abutments on one Port and one Starboard mount (making them unable to mount weapons). This component could only be mounted once per vessel, and it could not be mounted to any vessel that already has a Dorsal mount. I hadn’t figured out a good name for the component, nor the exact Space (possibly 4 Space?) or SP (possibly 2 SP?). This component would also degrade the vessel’s Maneuverability (by -3 or -5, not too sure). This would not be an archeotech component, but fulfills much the same purpose as your turret idea. I was thinking of restricting it to grand cruisers, but it might work out for cruisers too as a precursor to battle cruisers.


Gravitic Accelerators: Ship Upgrade The launch bays on this vessel have been retrofitted with gravitic launch tubes, allowing attack craft to be launched with incredible speed and reliability. Every point of power assigned to this upgrade (to a maximum of two) increases the speed of squadrons launched from one launch bay on the turn they are launched by 2. Any number of launch bays can be affected by this upgrade with the power being assigned at the start of the round. This extra speed does not count against the maximum range of a squadron. Good quality: Up to three power can be spent to increase speed Best quality: Up to five power can be spent to increase speed

Cargo Web: Supplemental Component Power: 2 Space: 1 This component projects webs of gravitic force, allowing for the swift loading of cargo. Canny captains can use the shifting webs to slow or even stop small craft and incoming torpedoes. This component grants +25 on all Trade Achievements as well as a single re-roll each round on turret rolls.

Hecatonchire Missile Accelerator: Weapon system (Macrocannon)
Only recently rediscovered, the Hecatonchire Missile Accelerator system uses gravitic accelerators to literally hurl clusters of low yield plasma missiles at the enemies of the Imperium. While each individual missile may not have the stopping power of a standard Macrocannon shell, in the numbers fired they are deadly.
Power: 6 Space: 3 Strength: 7 Damage: 1d10 + 1 Crit: 5 Range: 6
Special: Full Spread: Due to the sheer numbers of missiles fired, the Hecatonchire Missile Accelerator reduces all penalties accrued for Evasive Manoeuvrers by 2 degrees.
Independant Targetting System: The Hecatonchire’s targetting system is poorly understood by the Priesthood of Mars, to say the least, and thus far it has not been able to be neatly patched into other ship systems. The Hecatonchire cannot be combined as part of a salvo.


Superior Medicae Facility: : Allows complex surgical procedures to take place aboard a vessel. Increase moral permanently +3 Power: 1 Space: 1 SP: 1

Hidden Cargo Storage: Disguised nooks and crannies around the vessel that only the most diligent customs officer would discover. +125 achievment points when working towards a criminal objective.
Power 1 Space 2 SP 1

Military Hangar Bay: Your hangar bay has been modified to allow the quickest deployment of troops and vehicles as possible. + 125 achievemnt points when working towards a military objective, and +10 boarding actions. Power 2 Space 5 SP 2

Expanded Commercial lifter bays: Your hanger bay has been modified to allow the quickest loading, storage and unloading of cargo. +150 achievement points when working towards a trade objective.
Power 2 Space 4 SP 1

Imperial Tacticae Vault: (Strategium) : Filled with cogitators, a holo display and other tools needed to thoroughly brief your men on the mission ahead. +10 to commands rolls for commanding the actions of ground troops. +50 achievement points from military themed objectives. Power 1 Space 1 SP 1

Improved Navis Nobilitae Sanctuary: A more spacious meditation sanctuary for the navigator to use while piloting the vessel through the warp. Includes complex cogitators to assist in calculations as well as all the luxuries the Navis Nobilitae are accustomed to. +10 to all checks made for navigating the warp. Power 1 Space 1 SP2


Temple of Knowledge: (Mechanicus only)
This Temple is a fantastic piece of archeotech and engineering, kept lovingly updated by some of the most powerful members of the imperium, placing what would normally be many more components, usually spread throughout a fleet in anything other than an Ark Mechanicus, so that a single ship can usefully do a myriad tasks befitting exploration and the obtaining of knowledge. It has a myriad linked components: places of worship of the Emperor in his guise of the guiding light of human knowledge, or as his incarnation as the Omnissiah, as well as various Imperial saints associated with blessings of sanctioned, appropriate individuals towards tasks of learning and discovery for the greater humanity. It has things such as: a Librarium where, rather than being stocked mainly with books and scrolls, writings can be etched microscopically onto durable disks of sapphire or diamantine for later storage and retrieval, including facilities necessary to transfer traditional media onto this method; a Laboratorium, where small artefacts can be studied; a small-batch rapid prototyping manufactorum, with the curious, lost-to-time name of a ‘Skunkworks’; it has a small research hospital where humans can be treated or ailments investigated or upgrades installed to the flesh. Some of the capabilities are less compared to their larger, dedicated equivalents, but the sheer usefulness more than make up for it.
Space 5, Power 5, Ship Points 10, Archeotech *Can only be put in a Heavy Frigate, sufficiently sized Transport (Space and Hull both of at least 40), Light Cruiser, Cruiser, or Larger ship
*+10 to crafting or repair checks of small items or small batches of items, including via Trade checks, as well as medicae tests, all non forbidden lore investigation tests, as well as forbidden lore archeotech, and, at GM’s discretion, any forbidden lores directly associated with sanctioned Imperial technology, like Mechanicum, Astartes, Ecclessiarchy, or Inquisition (when dealing with Mechanicum/Space Marine/Sororitas/Inquisitorial technology, for example). Further, at GM discretion, sometimes extended actions such as Triage may work for more crew than otherwise when making use of this component, and other similar benefits.
*Counts as having Good Quality Superior Damage Control for this component only, even if that component and upgrade are not otherwise on the ship
*Cannot be made Best Quality; is already Archeotech *+25 to all endeavors due to the multi-faceted utility

Source: Fringe Is Yours

Most ships have thousands of people aboard them which, given time, can solidify itself into multitude of vibrant cultures, idiosyncracies, and qualities to make a ship feel like home.
Alternatively, you can rip out such things, and rely on the cold logic of Battle Automata. A Cortex Core replaces the thousands of living, breathing humans aboard a vessel with a singular pulsing, organic, Cybernetica Cortex. Crew members are replaced with Legio Cybernetica constructs that know no fear, no disloyalty, no enemy equal to them. Disconcerting to many, but very helpful to those who prefer machine compatriots to living, breathing ones…
Automata Synchronization: The vessel ignores Crew Morale, and Crew Population is set to 100 (but can be degraded through combat actions, etc). The Battle Automata that are now the crew will obey orders perfectly and without disloyalty. The “crew” no longer require food, air, motivation, supplies, and there is no danger of the crew falling to Chaos.
Battle Automata: During boarding actions, the Battle Automata crew inflict an additional 1d5 damage to Crew Population and 1d5 Morale damage. Cybernetica Core: If this component is ever damaged, Crew Population is immediately reduced to maximum 40 until repaired. If this component is disabled or destroyed, Crew Population is immediately reduced to 0, with all the horrors that entails. Crew Quarters: This fills the Crew Quarters (Essential) slot of any Imperial voidship. Crew Rating is set to 30 for Common Quality versions of this component, while Good Quality sets Crew Rating to 40 and Best Quality sets Crew Rating to 50. Crew may be replenished at Forge Worlds with an Acquisition test as normal, or replenished at 10 Crew Population per week if the vessel is equipped with a Manufactorum. Power: 5 Space: 3 SP: +4

The establishment of new Squat Holds in the Tiji Sector has seen the return many types of Squat technology, brought from the destruction of the original Homeworlds by the Tyranids. Of these, the most desired amongst spacefarers is the Gravity Anchor. Squats come from a high gravity world, and their mastery of it is without equal.
Anchors Aweigh: A Squat Gravity Anchor can be equipped to any Light Cruiser or higher class of Imperial voidship, allowing the vessel to make 90° turns in void combat instead of the 45° it is normally limited to. Supplemental: This component is a Supplemental component. Power: 2 Space: 2 SP: +2

The peculiar mindset of the Squat allows for no slight to be forgotten. Individual Squats often record their troubles and woes inflicted upon them by others in personal Books of Grudges. When entire crews recount their grudges together, it can often fill an entire hold in itself. The Hall of Grudges allows a crew to meditate on these past troubles, and reaffirm their hatred of the enemy.
No Grudge Unpunished: A Squat Hall of Grudges can be equipped to any class of Imperial voidship. Characters can spend one hour meditating on the wrongs inflicted on them by any group they have encountered previously. Upon completion of the meditation, they gain the Hatred talent for that particular group, and may apply the Hatred bonus to shooting in Starship Combat. The effects last for one full day, at the end of which the character calms the fuck down, and may meditate anew, on a separate enemy if desired. Supplemental: This component is a Supplemental component. Power: 1 Space: 1 SP: +1

Halfus Torpedoes are torpedoes with fragmentation charges within them instead of plasma cores. They are not meant for destroying enemy voidships, but rather excel at taking down hordes of incoming strike craft. When fired into a cloud of fighters, bombers, or assault boats, Halfus torpedoes explode with incredible force, sending building-sized shrapnel in every direction, annihilating most squadrons with incredible ease. Regrettably, for most of the Imperium, the pattern for Halfus Torpedoes was lost when the Tau Empire annexed their singular Forge World of origin. The Inquisition of the Tiji Sector, however, sits smugly – they have an eager seller.
Halfus Fragmentation: Halfus Torpedoes are capable of exploding in the midst of strike craft, dealing grievous damage. A Halfus Torpedo inflicts its damage against the number of Squadrons in an attack. If the Torpedo reduces the Squadrons in an attack to 0, the strike craft wave is fully destroyed. For example, if 4 bomber squadrons are in a wave, and the Torpedo rolls a 3 for damage, then the wave consists of only one bomber squadron – the rest are destroyed. Torpedo: This is a torpedo for use in a Torpedo Tube. They may be equipped with normal Torpedo guidance and modifications. Speed: 10 Dam: 1d5 Crit: – Range: 60 Terminal Pen: 1 Availability: Very Rare

Everyone loves martian death rays, and if they don’t, at least they learn to appreciate them as they superheat, explode, and usually die. Volkite Bombards are upsized variants of normal Volkite weaponry, for mounting on voidships. In this role, they take the role of macrobatteries, their ability to superheat and explode enemy vessels remaining unchanged.
Deflagrate: Every hit not stopped by void shields generates a second hit. These are then combined as normal. For example, if 2 hits are blocked by void shields and 2 hits get through, hits are doubled to 4. Macrobattery Ships: All Power: 6 Space: 3 SP: 3 Str: 3 Dam: 1d10+2 Crit: 5 Range: 4

When one Volkite Bombard just isn’t enough, the option exists to mount them in Broadside configurations.
Deflagrate Macrobattery (Broadside) Ships: Light Cruisers, Cruisers, and above. Power: 10 Space: 5 SP: 3 Str: 5 Dam: 1d10+2 Crit: 5 Range: 4

A scaled up version of the Photon weapons of the Mechanicum, the Photon Destructor fires a black lance of energy, its sustained beam capable of raking across enemy hulls and inflicting inordinate damage before the beam must cool down. The Dark Eldar find it humorous.
Raking Fire: The Photon Destructor inflicts an additional 1d10 per Degree of Success on the Ballistic Skill test, up to a maximum of 2d10. Lance Ships: All Power: 10 Space: 4 SP: 3 Str: 1 Dam: 1d10+2 Crit: 3 Range: 4

What’s worse than an armor piercing, light eating, starship lance of dubious origin? Two of them on the same weapon slot. The Photon Breaker lives up to its name, as very few enemies can survive a focussed blast from its twin barrels.
Raking Fire Lance (Broadside) Ships: Light Cruisers, Cruisers, and above. Power: 14 Space: 6 SP: 3 Str: 2 Dam: 1d10+2 Crit: 3 Range: 4

A weapon recovered from lost datavaults during the Great Crusade, the Kinetic Lance accelerates matter instead of energy, striking with the efficiency of a lance weapon, increasing with effectiveness the more the Lance is focused. It combines the fire rate of a macrocannon with the armor-piercing potential of a lance weapon.
Kinetic Lance: This weapon scores one additional hit per Degree of Success on the Ballistic Skill test. All hits are combined into one damage roll, which ignores the Armor of the target. Lance Ships: All Power: 10 Space: 5 SP: 3 Str: 4 Dam: 1d5+1 Crit: 4 Range: 6

During the Great Crusade, the threat of Phosphex to destroy a world or cleanse an area was a threat rarely sanctioned. Emperor preserve the guy who figured, “Well, if we shoot phosphex at them while they’re in space, they can’t run away, right?” Phosphex burns out rapidly in vacuum, but the burst of blue-green fire is easily enough to deal a deathblow to an enemy vessel.
Phosphex Bombardment: This weapon doubles the amount of Crew and Morale damage inflicted upon the target. Fire! Critical results that this weapon generates can only be put out by exposing the component to the void. If hit at least once in a barrage, the target reduces its Armor value by 1d5 after resolving all Phosphex Web-Projector hits. Core Architecture: This weapon Component is always revealed by successful Active Augury – it is too large to be concealed. Party Time: If this component is damaged, the vessel suffers one hit from the Phosphex Web-Projector, inflicting 2d5+3 hull integrity damage. If this component is destroyed, the vessel instead suffers 1d5 hits, and automatically inflicts a Fire! Critical result that can only be put out by exposing the component to the void.
Nova Cannon Ships: Cruisers Power: 5 Space: 8 SP: 5 Str: 1d5 Dam: 2d5+3 Crit: 10 Range: 6-30

GM only! Components players of the Ultima Tectum campaign have not encountered yet.