Astropathic report 817.M41

My divination recommends to:

Operation “Jotak”
-Hexagrammatic cells (5 cells for psykers) require burning 3 Tax factory to acquire it immediately.
-Null bay (100 cells for psykers) require burning 5 Tax Factor to acquire it immediately.
-Chemical coma cannot be continued, permanent muscular atrophy damage on the boy.
-If awakened psyker not constrained by hexagrammatic cells then dire prediction of catastrophic psychic phenomenons.
-Hexagrammatic cells of Semis can be used to constrain Jotak.
-If no plan of constrain then immediate execution recommended.
-Because of the current anomaly Shadow Bridge, echo of Imperial Friendship Bridge existing at the Immaterium, requires study of Jotak further.

Operation “Five Shamans”
-Locating native unsanctioned psykers, before they have time to prepare counter psychic activity is imperative.
-Use of Snake tribe scouts to locate “Shamans”.?
-Put bounty on locating rogue psyker Shamans of the Eagle tribe. Recommended bounty 6-8 Tax factory?

Operation “Club Excess”
Sounds of moral threats
-Echoes of Slaanesh influence detected.
-Curious warp resonances of psychic entity activities detected.
-High suicide rate among population still not investigated.

Operation “Sober lumberjack”
-Suspicious songs about healing water and immortality.
-Song about psyker becoming a spiritual leader at the Gravis Major.
-Minstrel performing song “Charge of the Light Brigade”, demeans Judge authority at the system.

Operation Cathedral
-To investigate building project and plans of “The Cathedral of Immaculate Truth” by Arch-Diocese Humer.

Operation Snake Tribe
-Spiritual dominance gained for the tribe by Martün.
-Use of tribal scouts to locate HLF headquarters?
-Authority of Makbae over Snake tribe is considerable .
-Brother-Militant Makbae has ritual scarring on chest which  similar to ones Snake tribe chieftains have.

Operation Freedom Cafe
-Signs conspiracy movement gathering influence among the population.
-Prediction that “Freedom Cafe” has become operational again.

Operation Interrogation
-Prisoners of Incarceration vault of Canor Sol. (HLF, X/Y)

Operation Astropathy
-To use astropathic choir to scan warp around system to get deeper understanding to other psychic sources detected by astropath Martün’s divination of Immaterium. Requires several months of staying at the astropathic choir of Sphaere Imperator.

Operation Inaugural of Law
-Work of Judge Mordechai continued without the blessing of the ecclesiarchy borders an act of blasphemy against the Holy Synod of the Emperor.

Operation Infiltration
-Hiring agent to work for Astropath Martün for monitoring and locating unsanctioned psykers around Ultima Tectum.
-Use GRG servitors across the system to gather intelligence. Gravis Minor, Avaritas, Semis, Nothus, Canor Sol.